Alex Kurtzman says there have been discussions to revisit the characters in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Though Star Trek franchise is charting its own path these days, it hasn’t forgotten its roots. We’ve seen characters from previous series reprise their roles, most notably Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: Picard, but there are still plenty of past characters we haven’t seen since their respective series ended. While it appears that the characters of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has been largely ignored, that may soon change.

Below Star Trek Questions and answers at San Diego Comic-Con, franchise producer Alex Kurtzman was asked if there had been any discussions about revisiting the characters from Deep Space Nine.

I’ll try to answer your question without revealing anything. I think you always have conversations about the history of Star Trek. And of course Sisko is a critical, critical figure to everyone. So conversations have certainly been held.

Almost all main cast members from Star Trek: The Next Generation will have appeared on Star Trek: Picard before the series ends, which has also included several members of Star Trek: Voyager cast (Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine). Kate Mulgrew and Robert Beltran have reprized their roles as Janeway and Chakotay Star Trek: Prodigyand Robert Duncan McNeill returned as Tom Paris in an episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks. As Star Trek: Deep Space Nine considered by many fans to be one of the best Star Trek series, it would certainly be nice to see what some of these characters have been up to. However, Kurtzman doesn’t want to visit them again just for the sake of it.

What I will tell you is that for us, we don’t want to just jump into something without saying, “Oh, we have a new idea.” A new reason to do it, a way to turn it in a new direction so that it’s not just repeating what you’ve seen before, but it’s also honoring what you love. So if we ever go down that road, other than what we’re already doing Lower deckI think we all wanted to be sure that it came from the place where we could tell a new story while honoring the old one.

That trailer for the third season of Lower deck included a return to Deep Space Nineand showrunner Mike McMahan has said that we “can see some friendly faces in there.” With more than a few new Star Trek shows in development, there will be plenty of opportunities to bring back more characters from past shows. Which one Star Trek: Deep Space Nine character you would like to see back?

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