‘She-Hulk’ Episode 5 Breakdown: Every Easter Egg

During this week’s highly entertaining episode of She-Hulk: Lawyer lies a rather sharp critique of the fashion and beauty industry, which forces women into roles they don’t want by trying to convince them to buy products they don’t need. And Titania’s appearance and her attitude are all about hiding who she is inside with a glamorous facade – a stark contrast to Jen Walters, who in this episode is willing to risk embarrassment to reclaim the rights to the name She-Hulk.

That’s one of the really interesting details this week She-Hulkand in our latest Marvel video, we break down all the other Easter eggs, references, and little details you might have missed. We break down the funny gags in the closing credits and where the character of the fashion designer in this episode originated in Marvel Comics. Plus, when is Daredevil showing up?!? Watch the video below:

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