Secret Invasion trailer: Skrulls infiltrate the MCU on an epic scale for Marvel’s new Disney+ series

If you previously thought the Marvel Cinematic Universe was populated by mysterious characters, wait until you get a load of Secret invasion trailer, which is bound to shake your confidence in an otherwise familiar world. In Marvel’s Secret invasion, alien invaders known as Skrulls have infiltrated Earth and covertly assumed the identities of power players in the superpowered society. Skrulls are shapeshifters, and they’ve positioned themselves strategically for years. They are your elected leaders, neighbors, friends and family. What will the MCU do when trust is broken and the heroes who have sworn to keep us safe are part of a hostile takeover?

Marvel Studios debuted Secret invasion trailer at Disney’s D23 Expo on Saturday delighted fans who have been waiting patiently to discover the exciting series. Samuel L. Jackson and Cobie Smulders starring in the episodic adventure starring Ben Mendelsohn, Olivia Colman, Emilia Clarke, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Christopher McDonald, Carmen Ejogo and Killian Scott. Secret invasion was written and executive produced by Kyle Bradstreet under the direction of Thomas Bezucha and Ali Selim. The series consists of six action-packed episodes, debuting exclusively on Disney+.

In Marvel’s Secret invasion trailer, a grizzled Nick Fury returns from the far reaches of space to deliver grim news to the people of Earth. Maria Hill feels that Fury has abandoned her and wants an explanation for his absence. Fury explains the upcoming circumstances and why they are about to face a threat unlike any other. As filming continues, we see Ben Mendelsohn, Olivia Colman, Kingsley Ben-Adir and Emilia Clarke enter the fray. Everyone is on their guard, unsure of who to trust or pulling a trigger.

According to today’s Marvel panel, Secret invasion leads directly into another upcoming Marvel series, Tank wars.

Previously, Kevin Feige spoke about adapting one of Marvel’s most significant comic book events to the small screen, saying: “Well, there were more characters in the Secret Invasion comic than there were in Endgame, so no,” Feige said. “It’s not that, but it’s very much a showcase for Sam Jackson and Ben Mendelson and tapping into the paranoia elements of the Secret Invasion comic that was great with the twists that took. So that’s definitely our focus more than : ‘Can we cram in more characters than Endgame? Like release?'”

Setting expectations is a smart move in terms of scope Secret invasion. More than enough characters populate the MCU to present a unique spin on a classic tale of deception, paranoia and creating doubt in our world’s greatest heroes.

What do you think of Marvel’s Secret invasion trailer? Are you ready to learn devastating truths about some of your favorite characters when the series comes to Disney+?

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