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Oh, the things we’ll do for love. People are willing to make some extreme changes in their lives to be with someone who has captured their heart. They will even go on great adventures that would seem completely out of character for them to do at any earlier time in their lives. In director Danil Grinkin’s 2020 horror comedy Terrifying bride, the American protagonist does not have a special someone in his life, but he is so desperate for love that he goes over to Russia in the hope that he will find the love of his life there. You could also describe what he’s doing as going over to Russia in hopes of hooking up with some random Russian girl, but we’re taking the more romantic view on this one.

Sometimes things go horribly wrong when people make big moves for love, and that’s how it is Terrifying bride. Therefore, the film has that title and is categorized as being a horror comedy. The random Russian girl our hero crosses paths with in this film is not someone he would ever want to meet, in Russia, in the United States, or in any other country. This poor guy had to pay for plane tickets and endure international travel just to be thrust into a living nightmare.

Scary Bride Friday Fright Nights

Danil Grinkin, also known as Dan Grin, directed Terrifying bride from a script by first-time author Anatol Ardin. Ardin also wrote the synopsis available on the film IMDb pagewhich tells you exactly what to expect from the film right up until the moment the horror kicks in:

A young American office worker Anthony, recently divorced, led a lonely lifestyle. His old friend Matt didn’t answer calls for several days and it seemed that he went off somewhere without alerting any of his friends. One day noises were heard coming from Matt’s apartment and Anthony went to check what was going on there. Suddenly, he stumbled upon an unknown, beautiful girl and fell by surprise and hit his head. As it turned out, the girl was Natasha, Matt’s girlfriend. Matt heard the sound and rushed inside. He and Natasha carried Anthony to his apartment. The next day, Matt and Natasha told Anthony that they had just returned from Russia and advised him to go where he could find a beautiful bride. Natasha assured Anthony that Russia is a very safe place and that there is a lot of fun going on. After some hesitation, Anthony went to Russia. After settling in the hotel and resting, he went to the bar in the evening, where he met a lonely, dancing, beautiful blonde named Nina. One of the bar patrons warns Anthony that Nina was a witch and could not be kissed. Anthony didn’t take it seriously. The couple enjoyed themselves at the restaurant, and Nina invited Anthony to her home. Well drunk, Anthony agreed.

The film stars Vitt Ray, Evgeniya Yarushnikova, Andrew Craig, Arnella Zubkova, Diana Belova, Roman Danilychev, Svetlana Egorova and Fluora Iskhakova.

Grin has previously directed the documentary Unbroken, about the friendship formed between pairs of competitive skaters from Russia and America. One of the skaters was Natalia Zabiiako, to whom he was also married for a period.

Terrifying bride was a Russian production that is presented in English, which probably explains why the audio is a bit weird and all have been dubbed. This is not a film likely to join people like Evil Dead II, Shaun from Deathand An American Werewolf in London on lists of the best horror comedies, but you might get a kick out of it.

So check it out Terrifying bride – after all, it’s free! So share your thoughts on the movie by leaving a comment below or over on YouTube.

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