Scanners: Yann Demange to direct HBO series based on David Cronenberg film

David Cronenberg’s 1981 sci-fi thriller Scanners (see it HERE) started a franchise consisting of four follow-ups: Scanners II: The New OrderScanners III: The Takeover, Scanner Cop, and Scanners: The Showdown (aka Scanner Cop II: The Showdown). The franchise has been dormant for twenty-seven years now, but not for lack of trying. The last fifteen years have been discussed Scanners be revived by either a remake from the likes of Darren Lynn Bousman and David S. Goyer or a TV series that at one point had Alexandre Aja attached. Now, after a long time in development hell, it looks like the TV series possibility is finally going to happen. Without the involvement of Bousman, Goyer or Aja.

The Hollywood Reporter has brought the news that Scanners series is now set up on HBO with Yann Demange, who directed the pilot episode of HBO’s Lovecraft Country, who will direct the pilot for this one, working from a script by showrunner William Bridges. Former Bride who won an Emmy for co-writing USS Callister episode of the anthology series Black mirror.

A co-production between HBO, Media Res Studio and Wayward Films, Scanners is being produced by Bridges and Demange along with Michael Ellenberg and Lindsey Springer of Media Res Studio, Meredith Duff and Sarah Sullivan of Wayward Films, René and Fanny-Laure Malo, Pierre David, Clark Peterson, Aaron Gilbert and Cronenberg.

The Hollywood Reporter recalls that Cronenberg’s Scanners told the story of “a small group of superpowered people with a variety of psychic, telepathic and telekenetic powers. A faction of scanners, as these people were labeled, was led by a power-mad man named Revok, played by Michael Ironside, who aims to take over the world, while a private security company recruits its own scanners to stop him for his own. , possibly shady, reasons.”

HBO’s Scanners the series is described as a “visceral thriller set in the thought-provoking world of Cronenberg’s films”. The show will center on

two women living on the fringes of modern society, pursued by relentless agents with unimaginable powers, must learn to work together to bring down a vast conspiracy determined to bring them down.

Are you a fan of Scanners franchise, and are you excited to hear there’s an HBO series coming? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

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