Horror Classic ‘Scanners’ Getting HBO series

Here’s some news that’s sure to blow some minds—literally.

HBO is reportedly developing a TV series version of Scannersthe classic cult horror film from the director David Cronenberg. Although the original 1981 film spawned a slew of sequels in the 1990s, this is the first time Cronenberg himself has been involved in one of these projects. The Hollywood Reporter says Cronenberg “who also wrote the original film, will serve as executive producer along with Michael Ellenberg and Lindsey Springer of Media Res Studio and Meredith Duff and Sarah Sullivan of Wayward Films.” William Bridges from Black mirror will be the showrunner in the meantime Lovecraft Country‘s Yann Demange will serve as director.

The original Scanners told the story of a group of beings with incredible mental powers. Among their abilities, they could use their “scanning” to literally blow people’s minds. If you’ve spent any time on the internet, you’ve surely seen a GIF of the film’s most famous moment.

Cronenberg’s Scanners later, the direct-to-video sequels began Scanners II: The New Order and Scanners III: The Takeover. Then it got two more spinoffs: Scanner Cop and Scanner Cop II. There have been talks of rebooting the franchise in the past, but they were mostly thought of as movies, with HBO making a TV show, as in this case. Given the premise, it seems like a concept that could certainly lend itself to a series; you have a whole race of head-popping scanners to explore instead of just focusing on one or two of them like in the movie.

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