Saw: The Experience trailer previews escape room attraction coming to London

Back when So V films were released on an annual basis, hitting theaters every October, the tagline being “If it’s Halloween, it must be So V.” We don’t have a new one So V movies to look forward to this year, but there are still some to come So V action in London this Halloween season. So: The experience, “a brand new immersive multi-room escape experience”, is coming to a secret location in London and a trailer has been released online to promote the attraction. You can check it out in the embed above.

So V fans can purchase preview tickets to So: The experience on THIS LINK at a cost of £34pp. The attraction is a collaboration between Lionsgate, Twisted Pictures and the experiential production company The Path Entertainment Group.

So: The experience will be an adrenaline-fuelled, theatrical escape experience that brings new twisted gameplay to life in the world of the iconic horror film franchise. Combining the thrill of escape rooms with nerve-wracking horror, players will be pushed to their limits in this new participatory theater experience.

With its global box office surpassing $1 billion last year So V franchise continues to expand the world of Jigsaw for fans on and off screen. The brand new one So V attraction is sure to appeal to both fans of the film series and daring thrill seekers.

Will you earn redemption through trials designed to test your teamwork, or will your moral compass betray others to ensure your own survival? Make your choices. Live with the consequences.

The creative producer of So: The experience is Tom Beynon, on behalf of TPEG. Filipe Carvalho is creative director. Set Designer is David Pizarro, Sound Designer is Luke Swaffield (on behalf of Autograph Sound), Lighting Designer is John Coman (on behalf of Woodroffe Bassett Design), and Game Control Design is by Clockwork Dog.

do So: The experience look like something you’d like to experience? Do you want to buy a ticket for this attraction? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

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