Sam Raimi is reportedly directing a remake of Magic, Anthony Hopkins’ classic evil puppet film

Sam Raimi may have returned to the director’s chair in a big way with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessbut it seems he wants to go back to his old school roots of horror with a remake of one of the vastly underrated evil puppet movies — Magic.

Directed by Richard Attenborough, Magic starring Anthony Hopkins as a ventriloquist at the mercy of his evil dummy as he tries to rekindle a romance with his high school sweetheart. It turns out that Sam Raimi is a big fan of Magicand producer Roy Lee let it slide Post Mortem with Mick Garris podcast (via Damn disgusting), that Raimi is actually preparing to direct a remake of the film.

I have only worked with [Sam Raimi] as a producer on films… actually… the first time I’m going to work with him as a director is on a remake of Magic,Roy Lee said. “Which is something we are working on now. Anthony Hopkins the movie. We’re actually just hearing the final versions of the various takes from writers next week… [Sam] loved the original movie and the book written by William Goldman.

As Roy Lee said, Magic was based on the novel by William Goldman, the legendary author behind The Princess Bride and Marathon man. Goldman also wrote the screenplays for All the President’s Men and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It sounds like the script for Magic remake is still in development, so I wouldn’t necessarily consider Sam Raimi direction a sure thing at this point. But think about it… Sam Raimi and an evil ventriloquist dummy? Came with it!

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