Sally Field says Steven Spielberg is unparalleled in film history

With two Academy Awards, Sally Field is in a limited field of actresses with multiple statues. And with two Oscars himself, Steven Spielberg may be in wider company, but is still one of the most nominated. Talking by Palm Springs International Film Festival– where Spielberg and the cast of The Fabelman family was awarded the Vanguard Award – Sally Field spoke fondly of the director… and how they were almost a Hollywood object.

In the early days of their respective careers (e.g. ca The Flying Nun and Duelrespectively), Sally Field and Steven Spielberg were almost joined by the former’s manager. It didn’t work out – which might have saved the director from handing Amy Irving her fortune – but Field has nothing but admiration for Spielberg. “And even though we never actually went on a date together, my beloved Steven Spielberg has never left my life. For almost 50 years—is it really?—we’ve gone through this life filled with good and bad, laughter and fear . He has been my greatest support and a constant welcoming place.”

She continued and said: “I honestly can’t imagine my life without him at this point, but I can’t imagine our country, much less the industry, had Steven Spielberg never had a camera in his hands. His vision, his sense of humor and fun , for terror and entertainment, his humanity and heart have been woven into the consciousness of the entire world…​​For nearly six decades, he has scared, moved and enthralled the entire planet.His art is so deep in our blood that it is easy to take him for granted. As if we don’t know his breathing to nod when we hear his name and overlook how impossible and how uneven his career has been and always will be.”

Sally Field isn’t saying anything particularly innovative here, but it’s just another reminder of how lucky generations of moviegoers have been that Steven Spielberg consistently makes movies. And even at 76, he shows no signs of slowing down as he is currently set to steer a Frank Bullitt movie with Bradley Cooper and express interest in finally directing his first Western.

Perhaps surprisingly, Sally Field has only worked with Steven Spielberg once, in 2012’s Lincoln. For her performance, Field earned a nomination for Best Supporting Actress, her first Oscar nod since 1984 Places in the heart (and the only time she didn’t win the award).

Steven Spielberg has eight Oscar nominations and will surely receive a ninth The Fabelman family, which will tie him with Martin Scorsese for second place. William Wyler holds the record with 12.

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