Salem’s Lot: Lewis Pullman says the new adaptation is really faithful to the book

Warner Bros. still hasn’t announced a new release date for the director Gary Daubermans adaptation of the Stephen King novel Salem’s Lot (buy a copy of the novel HERE), which was originally supposed to be in cinemas last September. Then it was moved to April next year. Then it was removed from the schedule entirely when Warner Bros. decreased Evil Dead Rise in its publication date. But it will come eventually (unless it will be Batgirled), and star Lewis Pullman (Top Gun: Maverick) believes that fans of the book will be satisfied when they see the film.

talking with ComicBook.comPullman said, “Gary Dauberman, the director, is really keen to do the book justice. But also the previous adaptation was two parts because it’s such a heavy book and there are so many different moving parts and so many characters. So there are some parts where Gary had to tap and find what was really at the heart of the movie to stay in, but for the most part he’s really true to the book and keeps a lot of the original dialogue in there. He’s a Stephen King dog, so he won’t do Stephen dirty. So I think it’s in good hands, Gary is a really smart guy who has a good eye for things. I think don’t just lean on the jump scares, but lean on the more conceptual and visual stuff that rather than a shock that goes out of your body in the next five minutes, something that’s more visually, like an imprint burned into your body. retinas as a disturbing image that wakes you up in the middle of the night that you can’t shake out of your head.

This is the third adaptation of Salem’s Lot. The previous two were both miniseries that aired in 1979 and 2004. This new take on the concept is said to take place in 1975, the same year King’s novel was first published. Here is the synopsis:

Haunted by an incident from his childhood, author Ben Mears returns to his hometown of Jerusalem’s Lot in search of inspiration for his next book, only to find the town overrun by a bloodthirsty vampire and his loyal servant.

The film stars Pullman as Ben Mears; Makenzie Leigh (Billy Lynn’s long halftime walk) as Ben’s love interest Susan Norton; Spencer Treat Clark (The city that feared sunset 2014) as Mike Ryerson, “one of the town’s simple folk”; Bill Camp (12 years a slave) as Matthew Burke, “a former high school English teacher who knows about the Marsten House’s evil past and helps Ben”; Alfre Woodard (Star Trek: First Contact) as Dr. Cody; Pilou Asbæk (Game of Thrones) as the vampire’s familiar Richard Straker; and John Benjamin Hickey as Father Callahan. William Sadler (Bill & Ted’s fake journey) is also in the cast, but we don’t know who he’s playing. Alexander Ward (American Horror Story) power play the vampire Kurt Barlow.

Dauberman is one of New Line Cinema’s go-to people when it comes to making horror. He co-wrote the Stephen King adaptations That and It: Chapter Two for them, and also wrote four Conjuring Universe entries for the company: Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation, Annabelle Comes Home, and The nun. Annabelle comes home was his directorial debut.

Looking forward to Dauberman’s Salem’s Lot? How faithful do you want it to be to the book? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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