Rutherford Falls canceled by Peacock after two seasons

Peacock have scrapped yet another series as they have cancelled Rutherford Falls after two seasons. The comedy series starred Ed Helms and Jana Schmieding as two lifelong friends whose relationship is put to the test when a crisis hits their small town.

Rutherford Falls was critically acclaimed and hailed for its native representation both on camera and behind the scenes. Despite the rave reviews, sources have said there was a real lack of viewership, prompting Peacock to cancel the series. Sierra Teller Ornelas, who helped create Rutherford Falls with Ed Helms and Mike Schur, commented on the cancellation in a announcement.

It has been a real pleasure to do these two seasons Rutherford Falls. Mike Schur, Ed Helms and I set out to make something new, real and smart – but also stupid – that would make you cry and think but also laugh when Reagan was kicked in the face or Nathan was put down in a chest. Borrow a line from Terry Thomas, played by the ridiculously talented Michael Greyeyes, before our show, “Native representation [was]mostly a hate crime.” Hence, it has been an honor to introduce the best of Indian Country to the masses.

Ornelas added that they are already looking at other platforms to save Rutherford Falls. “We remain overwhelmed by the critical response, achieving a 100% Rotten Tomatoes score in our second season,Ornelas said,and while we are sad that our time at Peacock has come to an end, we are extremely grateful to them for taking us on and showcasing the talents of comedy legend Ed Helms and breakout stars like Jana Schmieding, Jesse Leigh, Dana Wilson, Dallas Goldtooth, Kaniehtiio Horn and many others. We love these characters, the world we’ve created and the impact it’s had, and we want to explore other platforms where hopefully people from Rutherford Falls can call home.Ed Helms played Nathan Rutherford, a proud descendant of the town’s founder who runs the heritage museum. Jana Schmieding played Reagan Walls, Nathan’s best friend who dreams of championing the history of his people, the Minishonka nation.

How are you doing? Rutherford Falls be cancelled?

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