Rooney Mara almost quit acting after a bad experience on the set of the Nightmare on Elm Street remake

Wes Cravens A Nightmare of Elm Street stands as one of the greatest slasher films of all time; The 2010 remake… not so much. It wasn’t just the audience that felt bad Nightmare on Elm Street remake, but Rooney Mara herself.

Rooney Mara starred as Nancy in Nightmare on Elm Street playback, but while talking Start Left podcast, her experience on set was so bad that she almost quit acting. She wouldn’t elaborate on exactly what went down, but it doesn’t sound pleasant. “A few years before [The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo]I had made one Nightmare on Elm Street replay which was not a good experience,Mara said. “I have to be careful about what I say and how I talk about it. It wasn’t the best experience doing it, and I got to this place that I still live in, that I don’t want to perform unless I’m doing things that I feel like I need to do. So after doing that movie I decided, ‘OK, I just don’t want to act anymore unless it’s something I feel that way about.’” Mara had previously said that Nightmare on Elm Street remake wasn’t what she signed up for, but luckily her love of acting was rejuvenated when she started working with David Fincher.

Rooney Mara had a small role in David Fincher’s The social network and knew she wanted to work with the director again. Although Fincher didn’t think Mara was right for the role of Lisbeth Salander The girl with the dragon tattoo, she fought hard for the role until she got it. “It was a definite turning point in my life and career,Mara said. “David really took me under his wing. He became my mentor in many ways. He made sure that I knew I had a voice and that my opinion mattered. He constantly empowered me, which I think really influenced the rest of my choices afterwards.” Mara’s performance in The girl with the dragon tattoo earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

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