The Lord of the Rings: Major Rework Announced for the Orc Villain

When Amazon’s Lord of the Rings prequel Rings of power, will return for season two, it will do so with one of the major villain roles recast. Joseph Mawle, who played the Orc leader Adar, is also not returning Peaky Blinders‘ star Sam Hazeldine replaces him in the role. No reason was given by Prime Video, which announced the change this morning along with a number of new castings.

It’s a shame as Mawle was definitely a highlight of the show, oozing menace as the main Orc villain. While the role may be less prominent in future seasons, recasting an actor is always problematic, as was recently seen when the internet erupted into rage over Liam Hemsworth replaces Henry Cavill he The Witcher from season 4 onwards. While Mawle was hardly the star of the show, his absence will be felt by fans I’m sure.

In addition to Hazeldine, The crown vet Ben Daniels will join the series along with a whole host of new additions. Neither role has been announced yet, but in addition to Daniels, the cast will now include veteran actor Nicolas Woodeson, Nia Towle (Netflix’s Persuasion), newcomer Amelia Kenworthy, Yasen ‘Zates’ Atour (The Witcher) and Gabriel Akuwudike (Amazon’s Hannah).

According to the press release Rings of power has been a significant success for Prime Video, with the show being watched by more than 100 million people worldwide, adding up to more than 24 billion minutes streamed. The release also reveals that the show was Prime Video’s biggest debut ever, with 25 million global viewers sampling the show on its first day. With streaming, of course, it’s hard to measure exactly how big a hit something is, but regardless, Rings of power is full speed ahead for the second season.

Perhaps to encourage people to re-watch the first season, Prime Video added a number of bonus features to the show just in time for the holidays. According to a separate release from Prime Video, they have added new bonus features. You can stream the show official podcast and Bear McCreary’s full score on Amazon Music.

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