Renfield: Nicholas Hoult is excited for people to see Nicolas Cage as Dracula

The legendary Nicolas Cage (check out the trailer for his new movie The old way) plays Dracula in the upcoming Universal Monsters movie Renfieldwhich is set to reach cinemas on April 14, 2023 – and his co-star Nicholas Hoult (Mad Max: Fury Road) is excited for people to see what Cage has done with the role.

talking with The Hollywood ReporterHoult said, “Yes, the second Nic Cage experience was incredible. I got to work with him when I was 14. I played his son in a movie called The weatherman, and I felt so lucky to be back on set with him because I’m such a fan of his. But to get to work with him while he was playing Dracula, I don’t think there are two more iconic things than Dracula and Nic Cage. So putting them together and being in scenes with him and just seeing all the inspiration and all the things he brings to the character, the fun of it, the dedication, his love of acting, I just loved every single moment. As a person, he is such a pure soul to be around and I am excited for people to see what he has done. It’s original, but it’s steeped in a lot of history, Dracula history and folklore. So it’s exciting, even if it’s a very bizarre, heightened tone for an action comedy. So I’m excited about it.

Based on a treatment written by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, Renfield is directed by Chris McKay (The war of tomorrow) from a screenplay by Ryan Ridley (Rick and Morty). In Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula,

RM Renfield was an inmate of an insane asylum who was believed to be suffering from delusions, but who is actually a servant of Dracula. Plot details of the film were not announced, but it is believed to take place in the present day and is not a period piece.

In this film, Renfield has served the bloodsucker for centuries, and now he is

has grown sick and tired of his centuries as Dracula’s lackey. The henchman finds a new lease on life and maybe even redemption when he falls for the frantic, perpetually angry traffic officer Rebecca Quincy.

Cage and Hoult are joined in the cast by Awkwafina as traffic officer Rebecca Quincy, Adrian Martinez as her traffic cop partner Chris, Shohreh Aghdashloo as a feared crime lord named Ella, Bess Rous as “people in toxic relationships” support group member Caitlyn, and James Moses Black and Ben Schwartz in unspecified roles.

While Universal is developing more monster projects, they were thrilled to get Renfield in production first. According to Deadline, the story’s “mix of humor and action was something the studio was looking for because so many of the other properties have more of a horror element to them.”

Kirkman, who has described the film as “a violent comedy,” is producing Renfield with David Alpert, Bryan Furst and Sean Furst of Skybound Entertainment along with McKay’s producing partner Samantha Nisenboim.

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