Quentin Tarantino: Jaws is the best movie ever made

Quentin Tarantino has been around recently promoting his excellent new Video archive podcast with fellow Roger Avary (his co-author on Pulp Fiction and the director of The rules of attraction), and along the way he has dropped some impressive hot takes. Yesterday we wrote his up brilliant review of Top Gun: Maverickand in the same Real Blend podcasthe chose the best movie ever made – Steven Spielberg’s Jaws.

Now it comes with a warning. When Tarantino says, Jaws is the “greatest movie,” he doesn’t think it’s the best movie or his favorite movie. He explains:

“I think Jaws is the best movie ever made. Maybe not the best movie. But it’s the best movie ever made. And then there are other movies that can come in its devoured air. But what as far as a movie goes, nobody does it better than Jaws. There is nothing ‘better’ than Jaws. It’s the best movie ever made. And it shows how poorly timed most movies made before Jaws were .”

He goes on to explain that Spielberg grew up watching movies like Fantastic trip, Them or Travel to the center of the Earth in theaters, but noted that while they were fun, they weren’t necessarily directed to perfection.

“Now… most of them weren’t directed that well. They were given assignments to assistant directors who did their best with them. That’s how we were used to seeing comics—that kind of cinematic experience. Unlike a Spielberg, who said, ‘No, that’s exactly the kind of movie he likes. That’s exactly the kind of movie he was put on earth to make. And he’ll do it, within an inch of his life, as effectively as it could possibly be. And you know, Michael Anderson doesn’t put that kind of work into Logan’s Run.”

It’s hard to argue with Tarantino in this regard, as when you consider the serious writers of the previous generation Jaws, they didn’t rush out to make movies like this. You’ve never had someone like Orson Welles or John Ford direct a movie like that Jaws.

Do you agree with Tarantino’s Jaws take? Is it the best “movie” ever made? Tell us in the comments!

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