Predator Franchise: What’s Next After Prey?

Predator franchise producer John Davis has said that the future is wide open for this series following the successful release of Exchange through Hulu streaming service. The possibilities for future films seem limitless, so we decided to compile some of them into a list we call Predator Franchise: What’s Next After Prey?


Exchange director Dan Trachtenberg left the door open for a direct follow-up. Artwork below the credits shows several Predator ships arriving at the Comanche Nation, and the tribe still has the gun we saw in the hands of a Predator (and Danny Glover) in Predator 2. So the Predators have to retrieve that gun somehow. Although it would be cool to see a sequel Exchangeit would also be quite unusual for Predator franchise because we’ve never seen the lead from one entry come back in another Predator encounter. Fans have been hoping to see Dutch from the original film take on another Predator, but Exchange‘s Naru (Amber Midthunder) could prove to be the first returning star.


aliens vs. Predator showed us that predators have been visiting Earth since the beginning of human civilization – in fact, they are the “ancient aliens” / “ancient astronauts” who helped humanity get started. So while Exchange took us back to 1719, movies could go back much further than that. But we can also imagine that Predators will visit Earth for a long time to come. Predator 2 was set seven years in the future after it was released, but a film could skip decades or centuries to be set in a very different time. It could be a very technologically advanced Earth. It could be a dystopian earth. It all depends on the imagination of the writers/directors… and of course the budget.


While digging into the idea of ​​predators visiting Earth throughout history, fans often focus on the potential of one Predator movie set in feudal Japan, so the alien hunter can meet samurai and ninjas. We got a hint of how cool such a movie could be with the samurai sword duel in it Predator. Now let’s take how amazing that scene was and build a feature film out of it. This idea comes up so often and has captured the imagination of so many fans, 20th Century Studios and the producers could probably bet on success if they greenlit a feudal Japan Predator movie tomorrow. So they should go ahead and do it.


While some films have presented the ideas of rival classes of Predator (i Predator), Predators that improve themselves with DNA from other species (The predator), and predators from different continents in their home world (Exchange), the creatures have been explored much more in books and comics than in the movies. Books have even given the species a name: Yautja. We saw a quick glimpse of the Predator home planet i aliens vs. Predator: Requiemand we might be headed for a movie that allows us to spend more time there and learn more about how Predator society works. Cube director Vincenzo Natali had been pitching a movie about predators hunting humans on their home planet, so they should call him and dust off that idea.


As mentioned, fans have wanted to see Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising the role of Dutch Schaefer ever since 1987, and ideally this would have happened decades ago. There have been attempts to get Schwarzenegger to appear as the Dutchman in one Predator movie, but most of these failed attempts would have just given him a cameo. We need one Predator sequel, with Schwarzenegger back in the lead. But if we’re ever going to see Dutch fight a Predator again, the studio and producers need to get this one running soon. The man is 75 years old. Schwarzenegger recorded lines like Dutch for Predator: Hunting Grounds video games, now it’s time for him to be on screen as the Dutchman again.


Whose Predator had received a direct sequel, screenwriter Alex Litvak knew exactly what he wanted the film to be: “Die Difficult on a Predator ship”, with Predator Survivors Royce (Adrien Brody) and Isabelle (Alice Braga) take a trip back to Earth on the ship that the “Super Predators” use to transport abducted humans to their game preserver planet. Royce and Isabelle would spend the trip fighting the Super Predators and the other creatures they had aboard their “alien zoo”. Regardless of whether Royce and/or Isabelle would end up being brought back all these years later, the basic concept of humans trying to survive on a ship controlled by Predators — Super or otherwise — is still a fun idea.


Fans waited more than a decade to see aliens vs. Predator concept brought to the screen – but with their modern Earth settings, neither AVP movie we got was what the fans expected. There’s still a chance we can get a movie closer to that aliens vs. Predator many of us always imagined… which is basically a mixture of Predator and Foreigners. It would be a movie set in the future, on another planet, with colonial marines traversing a jungle infested with Xenomorphs while also having to deal with at least one predator. A simple setup for a fun time with bullets flying and three different types of blood splattering across the screen.


As mentioned above, many more Predator stories have been told through novels and comics than have been presented as feature films. Some of these novel and comic book ideas may be worth returning to and adapting for the screen. Besides aliens vs. Predator stories and crossovers with the likes of Batman, Superman and Archie (don’t expect them to be made into movies), there have also been stories of Predators in New York City, Siberia, Africa in various decades, 1950s Hollywood, Colonial India, Victorian England, and a prison, among other things. Predators have attacked the mob, fought pirates, crashed into the sea, had run-ins with Dutch’s brother. There have been serial killer Predators. One Story (The Origin of Predator 2 gun) was contradicted by Exchangebut there are many more to choose from.


Fans talk about predators appearing throughout history to fight samurai, ninjas, vikings, soldiers in the world wars, etc. My personal favorite of the historical combat options would be a western style Predator movies as I always enjoy seeing the western genre mixed with the horror and/or sci-fi genres. If it is Bone Tomahawk, Tremors 4or the reviled Cowboys & Aliens, seeing these is a good time for me. So let’s move forward about 145 years Exchange and take a great western setup with different groups of cowboys ready to have a shootout with each other, maybe even add some civil war soldiers and then throw a Predator into the mix as well. Sounds like a great viewing experience to me.


This is something that could be applied to any of the ideas on this list, or others that might come up: at some point, we’re going to see a Predator succeed. No matter what the scenario was – Predators coming to Earth to hunt, Predators fighting alien xenomorphs, Predators abducting people to hunt on another planet – every time we’ve seen a Predator in action, they’re not made it out of the movie alive. We know that they must occasionally succeed in their endeavours, i Predator 2 and AVP there were some Predators that had clearly been around for a while, so let’s see a Predator survive for once. Let one pack their trophies and head home to relax after a good hunt.

What would you like to see from? Predator franchise as it continues? Let us know which ideas are your favorites by leaving a comment below.

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