Predator: Best Kills in the Franchise

A new post in Predator franchise, director Dan Trachtenberg’s film Exchangehas just been released through the Hulu streaming service—and to celebrate the occasion, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best, most memorable kills in each of the Predator movie. Keep scrolling down to see what our picks were, then tell us what you’d pick as the best kill in the franchise. But be careful SPOILERSbecause there is killing from Exchange at the bottom of this article. Now, here is the list – Predator: Best Kills in the Franchise.

PREDATOR – Dillon, that bitch

The majority of deaths in the first Predator is man-on-man killing, but the Predator himself collects a nice selection of trophies over the course of the film. Late in the run, CIA agent Dillon thinks he’s got the alien hunter… then the Predator blows off his right arm with his plasma caster. But since this guy is played off Carl Weathers, it doesn’t take him out of the game. He still has another hand and another weapon he can use. Unfortunately, the Predator is too fast. It’s on top of Dillon with his wrist blades before he can do any damage to it. Dillon was a man of questionable character, but he redeemed himself by trying to be a hero. It just didn’t work out.

PREDATOR 2 – Slaughterhouse

Enter the hunter Predator 2 scores a higher body count than its predecessor, it employs more weapons, and it even gets to obliterate people in more massacre sequences. It kills a bunch of gang members in an apartment. It kills armed commuters on a subway train. And then we get the best carnage in the movie: a sequence where the Predator takes out a handful of government agents in his slaughterhouse. The Predator uses its plasma caster and spear, and the best kill of them all is when it throws a razor-sharp disc that cuts Gary Busey half at the waist. This “smart disk” was a great addition to the Predator arsenal and it’s great to see it in action.


aliens vs. Predator was released with a PG-13 rating, so impressive human kills are in short supply in this film. Yes, the Predators have their plasma casters, wrist blades, flesh-slicing nets, and spears, and they use them to kill some people in the middle of fighting the Xenomorphs from Alien franchise, but these kills are nothing special. So the best and most memorable kill in the movie comes when a Predator kills Charles Bishop Weyland, mainly because the character is played by Lance Henriksen from Foreigners and Aliens 3. Weyland has a deadly disease, so the predator passes him by at first… but then Weyland pesters the hunter to kill him anyway. And we’ll see Lance Henriksen fall prey to a predator’s wrist blades.

PREDATOR – Old Painless can’t save Blain

This isn’t the first kill the Predator scores in the first film, but it’s an early and impactful one. It’s no surprise when a creature can snap Shane Black away with great ease, but if the Predator can take down Jesse Ventura (toting a minigun called Old Painless) early in the runtime, it’s clearly a badass. Ventura’s Blain’s death has also left some viewers asking “What just happened?”, because it’s not entirely clear what weapon is being used at the moment. Is it the plasmacaster or something else? Blain is actually taken down by a spear gun that was originally supposed to be a prominent weapon for the Predator but ended up being cut from the film. Except for this scene. Slow down and you can see the spears hitting him.


Equipped with an R rating, the aliens vs. Predator the sequel was able to amp up the violence, the ugliness, and the darkness… in fact, it’s so dark that you can hardly see anything happening in the film. This isn’t a very good movie, nor is it very enjoyable (the fact that they made the Predalien hybrid reproduce by pumping aliens into pregnant women is pretty disgusting), but it does feature a badass Predator, that tries to deal with a Xenomorph attack problem in itself. And while a bullied pizza boy should never have been a character in one Alien or a Predator movie, let alone one AVP movie, we get the benefit of seeing the bully’s face melted by the blood of a Xenomorph blasted by the Predator.


We never really got that aliens vs. Predator movie fans expected (that would have been set in the future, on spaceships and/or another planet, and probably would have had Colonial Marines), but we got two movies worth of Predators fighting Xenomorphs. Which was cool to see since fans had been talking about the idea for over a decade before the first one AVP was made. And it’s always neat to see these creatures kill each other, which we see many times over the course of the two films – you get Predators dying in the first film, and a Predator killing a whole bunch of Xenomorphs in the second. So this post is a general celebration of every time we saw a Predator destroy a Xenomorph. But if you need a particular favorite, how about the “Wolf” Predator i Requiem taking out two Xenomorphs at once with thrown shurikens, one of which continues to fly until it also claims a human victim.

PREDATORS – Sword fight

Predator was an attempt to get the franchise back on track after the failure AVP movie, and it’s a nice return to the style of the original movie. We’re back to people being hunted in the jungle, but this time the jungle is on a different planet and there are more predators joining the hunt. We even learn that there are multiple clans of Predators, and bigger, badder Super Predators aren’t happy with the “classic” Predators we’ve seen before. There are some cool kills in this one, with a standout being a sword fight between Hanzo wielding a katana and a Super Predator with his wrist blades out. This scene is handled much like a classic samurai duel and comes to the perfect conclusion.

PREDATOR – Mac Attack

Predators like to collect the skulls of their prey as trophies, so you wouldn’t expect them to kill victims with headshots… But sometimes they don’t mind destroying their trophies. And there is no one to save the skull Bill Dukes character Mac. We know he’s screwed as soon as the Predator’s triangular laser sight appears on his arm. That triangle then moves to his forehead… and the Predator blasts him in the face with his plasma caster. What makes this kill even better is the fact that we see Mac’s head being blown open from behind and the camera gets coated in his blood. Mac’s death is immediately followed by Dillon’s death, so this is a very intense few minutes in the film.

THE PREDATOR – Stargazer Escape

The “Clashing Predators” idea reappears in The predator, which also tells us that at least some predators like to improve themselves with DNA collected from prey they’ve hunted. So we get a “classic” Predator that has some human DNA and an Ultimate Predator that has really set himself up. There are some bad ideas in this movie, but there’s also a whole lot of killing. And while the most memorable death may be the scene where a character accidentally blows his own head off with a plasma caster, the hunter’s best chance to show what he can do is during a longer sequence where he breaks out of a government lab. People are slashed, stabbed, shot and even bitten by the creature’s mandibles.

PREY – Staircase Massacre

It’s great to see the Predator take down prey on an individual basis – but as you can see from the entries on this list, it’s even more entertaining when the hunter massacres multiple people in one sequence. There is a great sequence in it Exchange where the Predator takes down a group of fur trappers with various weapons, including its blades, its nets, and an ax it receives from one of its victims. A trapper is taken down by his own bullet, which ricochets off the Predator’s armor. And there’s even a moment where the predator gets caught in a bear trap, frees itself and uses the device as a weapon, throwing it into a trapper’s head. This sequence immediately earns a place among the all-time great Predator moments.

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