Paramount+ and Showtime merge into one streaming app

Two flavors that are sure to taste good together are about to be fed into the same whirling machine. What? We may have already lost this battle if you can’t handle me at my ice cream metaphors. To make a long story short, Paramount+ and Showtime will combine forces under one streaming app. The merger comes as part of an initiative to unify the billing cycles of both platforms. Both streaming apps merge under one roof and are offered at a discount for eager subscribers.

Through the new setup, new subscribers can sign up for Paramount+ with Showtime for $7.99 per month for the ad-supported standard package, while the ad-free version will be on offer for $12.99. Current subscribers can upgrade within the platform. After the initial discount period ends on October 2, the bundle will cost $11.99 with ads and $14.99 to go ad-free. Customers interested only in Showtime can decline the package at the mid-price of $10.99.

“Paramount+ with Showtime bundle offers consumers unprecedented value by offering one of the broadest content libraries in streaming at one of the lowest prices on the market.” said Tom Ryan, president and CEO of Paramount Global Streaming. “This unique user experience streamlines sign-up and improves discovery, and this lower price will allow more households to enjoy this unique bundled entertainment offering.”

Not too shabby, eh? There are plenty of reasons to subscribe to both Paramount+ and Showtime, but now you can access both for one charge to your bank account or credit card. As the battle for streaming supremacy continues, it’s no surprise that Paramount+ and Showtime are combining their Wonder Twin powers to give customers a deal on what they have to offer. Competing with Disney+Netflix and HBO Max is no easy feat, though this amalgamation of platforms should sweeten the pot for some.

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