Ryan Reynolds expresses interest in owning the Ottawa Senators hockey team

When Ryan Reynolds isn’t charming in front of the camera or sipping a nice glass of Aviation Gin, he adds another level to his Canadian influence by attending a hockey game. While some celebrities are content to watch the sports they enjoy, Reynolds is interested in owning a piece of the action. According to PeopleReynolds wants to buy Ottawa Senators if they come up for sale.

Reynolds has not commented on his sports-oriented ambitions, and the NHL did not immediately respond when asked for comment. Whispers of Reynolds hitting the ice (and his bank account) with the Ottawa Senators come after reports of the team’s board organizing a potential sale.

According to Sportico, the team may have hired Galatioto Sports Partners (GSP), a sports banking firm, to send a signal flare for purchase. Rumors of the team being sold came months after the death of Senators owner Eugene Melnyk. Although it sounds like they are interested in selling, Melnyk’s daughters are the team’s new owners. Even Bruce Firestone, the team’s founder, told Canadian Broadcasting Corporation he thinks it’s time to change the guard. “With the team coming up, there’s probably going to be quite a bit of interest,” Firestone said. “My hope is that a local group will take over and I’ve spoken to a few who might be involved.”

Reynolds may face some competition as Firestone says two other parties are interested in buying the team. Healthy competition is great in business, but can they match Reynolds’ flair and popularity? I’m not exactly sure how owning a hockey team works, but if Canada’s sweetheart owns you, it must look great on paper and play well with the crowd.

What do you think about Ryan Reynolds possibly owning the Ottawa Senators? I think this is pretty cool. I drive by an Ottawa Senators arena every time I visit family in Ottawa. They are all huge fans and told me I had to attend a match of my life. Maybe Ryan Reynolds will be there when I do.

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