No sequel confirmed to be in its script process by David Leitch

While film fans anxiously await a ride aboard David Leitch’s Bullet trainrecently offered the director information about the possibility of a None successor. Released in 2021, None Bob Odenkirk stars Bob Odenkirk as an assassin torn from retirement after a group of petty thieves break into his suburban home. The original film offers John Wick levels of violence, plenty of clever comedy and Odenkirk as a human killing machine. What’s not to enjoy? A post-credits sequence in the film suggested that Hutch Mansell (Odenkirk) wasn’t done kicking ass, and fans have been calling for a None sequel ever since.

Fortunately, the nice people are over at Collider spoke to Leitch about the likelihood of a None successor. He offered many tantalizing details about how the project is progressing, going so far as to confirm that a script is currently in the writing stages. First, Leitch expressed that everyone involved in making the film is excited to return. “Oh, I think everyone is really excited about it,” He told Collider. “Everybody involved is like, ‘Full steam ahead.’ it’s happening. I mean, I think it’s happening as fast as we can make it happen.”

When asked if he means, a None the sequel will progress to completion, Leitch replied, “Yes I do,” he reassured Collider. “I do because there are certain journeys you go on and they’re just undeniable experiences for the people involved. And that was one of them. And I think we all want to go back and play in that universe, and we want to see Bob bring that character back to life.”

According to Leitch, ideas for a None the sequel was released less than a month after the original film’s theatrical release. While the sequel isn’t officially on anyone’s calendar yet, it sounds like it’s only a matter of time before an official announcement about the follow-up happens.

Are you excited about the prospect of a None successor? Where do you think the story should go? Will Hutch’s wife Becca (Connie Nielsen) play a more prominent role in upcoming events? I certainly hope so. We will tell you more None creeping stealthily towards another film.

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