Nicolas Cage to star in A24 comedy produced by Ari Aster

Come on, Matthew McConaughey. Cageaissance is here. Nicolas Cage has been back in action in a big way. The actor has received rave reviews for his work with Pig and The unbearable weight of massive talentand Deadline reports that Nicolas Cage is now set to star Dream scenarioa new comedy from A24 that Ari Aster and Lars Knudsen will produce through their Square Peg production banner.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about this new Nicholas Cage comedy, but I’m more than ready for whatever Cage has in store for us. Kristoffer Borgli, who made his directorial debut with Sick of myselfis set to the rudder Dream scenario. Sick of myself debuted at the Cannes Film Festival and follows a couple in an unhealthy competitive relationship that takes a vicious turn when one of them suddenly breaks through as a contemporary artist.

Nicolas Cage has plenty of projects on his slate, including Renfield, a horror comedy in which he stars Count Dracula. Based on an original story by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead), the film focuses on Renfield (Nicholas Hoult), who has grown sick and tired of centuries spent as Dracula’s lackey. He finds a new life and maybe even redemption when he falls for the frantic, perpetually angry traffic officer Rebecca Quincy (Awkwafina). Chris McKay directed the film based on a script by Ryan Ridley. Renfield coming to the cinema April 14, 2023.

The actor also has a few westerns coming up, his first time works in the genre. First up is Butcher’s Wayin which Cage plays a buffalo hunter who embarks on a harrowing journey risking life and sanity with a young Harvard dropout seeking his destiny west. Butcher’s Way is set to debut at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9. Next will be The old way, which finds Cage playing a former gunslinger forced back into action when a gang of outlaws murders his wife in cold blood. He digs out his sidearm and saddles up with an unlikely partner: his twelve-year-old daughter.

We may not know about it at this point, but are you ready for another Nicolas Cage comedy?

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