NFT teaser trailer gives a quick look at Najarra Townsend’s crypto-horror film

A few months ago, Director Kevin Smith published his horror anthology KillRoy was here as an NFT. Now writer/director Jonas Odenheimer brings us a film that puts a horrifying twist on the concept of NFTs and cryptocurrency. The title of Odenheimer’s film is NFT, and a teaser trailer has just come online. You can check it out in the embed above.

NFT centers on

a group of crypto-savvy millennials trying to escape their 9-5s by flipping NFTs as a side hustle. After buying into a supposedly ‘cursed’ NFT collection, they begin to experience mysterious occurrences and now have to fight for their lives.

The film stars David Wayman (The ledge), Mariah Nonnemacher (Terminator: Dark Fate), Durassie Kiangangu (Imperial blue), Amelie Edwards (Neighborhood band), Nobuse Jnr (South Beast), Jasmine Clark (The wasteland of education), newcomer Charlie Rich, and Najarra Townsend of Agreed, Mother wolfand The stylist.

Odenheimer produced NFT through his company Old Jim Productions. The filmmaker has previously written and directed the horror film from 2015 Classroom 6which was about a TV crew investigating a school “haunted by a terrible past”.

I’m not into the whole NFT thing and don’t really get it, but if we’re going to see the worlds of NFTs and movies collide, I’d much rather see a movie deal with NFTs in its plot instead of being released as a NFT. (I’m still anxiously waiting to hear that KillRoy was here will be released in a more traditional way someday.)

How works NFT does the trailer look right to you? Is this a movie you want to add to your watchlist? Let us know what you think about this one by leaving a comment below. The fact that Najarra Townsend is in the cast was enough to get me interested in watching it.

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