Netflix claims they have never canceled a successful show

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos has made the bold statement that the streaming service has never canceled a successful show.

At this point, if you were to be asked what your favorite Netflix show is, you might first have to clarify: On the air or canceled? Since 2012, Netflix has failed to renew dozens upon dozens of shows, many of which have angered fans into protests and online bashing against the streaming giant.

In a joint interview with Bloomberg, co-CEOs Ted Sarandos and Greg Peters discussed their partnership, where the streamer is headed, and one of Netflix’s most controversial topics: the barrage of fan-favorite shows that have been canceled. In a rather bold statement, Sarandos said, “We have never canceled a successful show.” But before you jump down his throat, he came up with an explanation: “A lot of these shows were well-intentioned but spoke to a very small audience on a very large budget. The key to that is you have to be able to speak to a small audience on a small budget and a large audience on a large budget.” OK, you can now jump down his throat.

Over the course of a decade, Netflix has canceled nearly 100 shows (as of release; at this rate it could be even higher than that!). Sure, many deserved to be kicked to the curb, but the removal of some of Netflix’s big fan favorites and/or most critically acclaimed remains controversial.

take EMBERfor example, which was canceled due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic despite Primetime Emmy Award nominations in each of its three seasons. The same reason was given for canceling Sabrina’s Chilling Adventures. One of the shows with the most canned seasons is Greenhouse Academywhich even creator Giora Chamizer expressed confusion over. “The entire cast was so ready to shoot two more seasons this coming fall, so this came as a shock to all of us…We still don’t really understand why such a cheap show with so many fans ended.” There is also Luke Cage, the axis that star Mike Colter says offered zero closure.

And this is just a small sampling of the shows Netflix has canceled. At the same time, consider how many terrible shows are left on the streaming serviceā€¦

What do you think of Ted Sarandos’ comment? Do you think it’s tone deaf or out of line? What is your favorite canceled Netflix show? Tell us below!

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