Natty Knocks: Robert Englund, Danielle Harris star in horror thriller from Halloween 4 director

Thirty-four years after directing the excellent Halloween successor Halloween 4: Michael Myers Returns (see it HERE), Dwight H. Little has teamed up with the film’s star Danielle Harris for a new horror thriller called Natty Knocks – as well as stars Robert Englund (Little directed him in the 1989 film Phantom of the Opera), Bill Moseley (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Jason James Richter (The little things), and newcomer Charlotte Fountain-Jardim.

Screenplay by Benjamin Olson, Natty Knocks sees Fountain-Jardim take on the role of

a small-town babysitter who, along with her “kids” on Halloween night, must survive serial killer Abner Honeywell, himself the traumatized son of the B-movie horror legend known as “Natty Knocks.”

Jason James Richter produced the film with Sandy Little and Amit Sarin. Vineesha Arora-Sarin executive produced. Film Bridge After Dark has the worldwide rights to the film and will present it to potential distributors in the US film market next month.

Dwight H. Little provided the following statement to Deadline:”Ever since working with Robert Englund on Phantom of the OperaI’ve been looking for a way for us to find a project we can do together. Natty Knocks is exactly the small town horror film I was hoping to find to jump back into this genre.

Film Bridge After Dark’s Jordan Dykstra had this to say: “Natty Knocks is another fantastic entry into Dwight’s remarkable and lengthy genre filmography. Horror has really worked lately at all levels of the market and the timing couldn’t be better to reveal Natty.

Little did a great job of bringing Halloween horror to a small town on screen with Halloween 4so I’m really looking forward to seeing how Natty Knocks has shown. Here’s hoping a distributor will want to get it out into the world very soon.

How do Natty Knocks sound for you? Are you happy to hear that Little has worked with Danielle Harris and Robert Englund again? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

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