Mystery Science Theater 3000: Joel returns to riff The Christmas Dragon with Jonah and Emily

Last year, we saw a list of thirteen films that would be riffed during the new season of the classic series Mystery Science Theater 3000which is now being released through the show’s own indie streaming platform Gizmoplex. On that list was a movie called The Christmas dragon, which is said to be about “a group of orphans who go on a journey to restore the lost magic and save Christmas.” What wasn’t mentioned at the time is that original MST3K host Joel Hodgson is returning to riff The Christmas dragon with current hosts Jonah Ray and Emily Marsh!

That Christmas dragon episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 will reach Gizmoplex on December 16Th. The live stream premiere begins at 8:00 PM Eastern. Here is the information:

For the first time in Mystery Science Theater 3000 story, THREE hosts will riff on a Christmas turkey! In this very special holiday episode, Jonah Ray, Emily Marsh and series creator and original host Joel Hodgson are joined by two sets of robots on the Satellite of Love. This all-star team must collectively endure the Forresters’ newest experiment as they watch a bunch of precocious orphans try to save Santa in The Christmas dragon.

But this time there’s even more at stake as our heroes hatch an escape plan to free themselves from Kinga Forrester’s evil clutches forever! Will their plan succeed?

And here’s some information about The Gizmoplex:

If you haven’t heard by now, Mystery Science Theater 3000 is back with new episodes! Curious viewers can head to Gizmoplex – the only place to watch new episodes MST3K. The Gizmoplex features every Season 13 episode and shorts that have premiered so far, along with brand new ones MST3K content available in special livestream events every two weeks. Gizmoplex is available through a web portal and also on a wide range of OTT platforms, including apps for both iOS and Android units, Roku, Amazon Fire TVand more.

As for The Christmas dragon, that the 2014 film was directed by John Lyde, who also provided the story, which Shylah Addante and David Addante adapted into a screenplay. Bailee Johnson, Paris Warner, David DeVilliers, Ruby Jones, Jacob Buster, Jake Stormoen, Melanie Stone, Talon Ackerman, Adam Johnson, Renny Grames, Danny James, Paul D. Hunt, Eve Mauro and Heather Beers.

Are you happy to hear Joel, Jonasand Emily will be riffing together for a special episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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