10 movies that changed the ending of the book they’re based on

When a book is turned into a movie, of course there will be some creative liberties. However, the amount of creative freedom varies from film to film. Some directors choose to include as many details from the book as possible and change very little – if any – of the source material. Others deviate greatly from the original book, resulting in a film that ends up telling a drastically different story than the novel it’s based on.

Often the most significant changes occur at the end of the film. Creating a satisfying ending has often been a challenge in filmmaking, and sometimes the ending of a book just isn’t suitable for the big screen. This has the potential to divide fans of the original book, as some may have wanted to see a more faithful adaptation of the ending. Those who haven’t read the book are experiencing the story fresh for the first time, so they might not mind the changes too much.

A book’s ending may be changed because it is too bleak or because it is too complex to express in a visual format. No movie can capture every detail from the book, and the elements that are left out can affect what the ending is. Just because a movie changes the ending from the original book doesn’t make it bad – there are plenty of excellent movies that benefit from the new interpretation.

Here are ten movies based on books with endings that differ from their original stories. (NOTE: Some spoilers follow for both these movies and their books.)

10 Movies That Changed The Endings Of The Books They’re Based On

These films are drastically different from the films that inspired them.

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