Miracle Valley Trailer: Horror directed by The Room’s Greg Sestero comes to Tubi

I will always primarily think of Greg Sestero as the young Andre Toulon Full moonpublication from 1999 Retro puppet masterbut to many film fans he is best known for playing the role of Mark in director Tommy Wiseau’s “disaster” The room. After the experience of working on The roomSestero wrote a book about the making of the film called The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, The Greatest Bad Movie Ever Madewhich served as the basis for the film The Disaster Artist. Now Sestero has made his directorial debut with the horror film Miracle Valleyand Deadline reports that the film will be released through the Tubi streaming service September 16Th. With that date just three days away, check out the trailer for Miracle Valley in the embed above to see if this looks like something you’d like to see on Tubi.

Scripted by Sestero and “inspired by a true story about a cult hidden in the Arizona desert”, Miracle Valley centers on

an obsessive photographer and his girlfriend, who are invited to a desert oasis in search of an ultra-rare bird. Plans to capitalize on the discovery while repairing their faltering relationship take a turn when an unexpected and sinister presence forces them to face demons from both their past, present and future.

Sestero stars in the film alongside Rick Edwards (Santa Barbara), Louisa Torres (Phantom of the Community Theatre), RJ Cantu (Snow White: A Deadly Summer), Ellie Smith (Blue blood), Tom Franco (Basket case 2), Björgvin Franz Gíslason (Vitjanir), Jeremy Ambler (Posted), Zhubin Rahbar (The wedding invitation), Jesse Brenneman (Dirk Champagne), Kristen StephensonPino (Best friends),Sananda Vietor (Mushka water), Ethan Tarshish (A serious man), Landry Allbright (Con air), Luis Tosar (Gun City), Greg DeLiso (Charlie), and newcomers Angela Mariano, Amy Smith, Coralie Jean-Philippe, Alison Skiadas, Hannah Mouton, Jessica Cobb, Aaron Hart, Chris Seidman, Ed Downard, Liz Davis, Jen Figeuroa, Katie Nelson, Cindy Owensby and Rachael Yount.

Tom Franco produced Miracle Valley with Iris Torres, Brian Crump and Travis Ayers.

How do Miracle Valley look at you? Want to watch this movie on Tubi? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

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