Mickey: The Story of a Mouse trailer explores the legacy of Disney’s iconic mascot

Mickey Mouse’s birthday is coming up, and Disney celebrates the occasion with the release of Mickey: The Story of a Mouse, a documentary chronicling the creation and legacy of the character that started it all for the unstoppable studio. To build hype for the documentary, Disney released a Mickey: The Story of a Mouse trailer detailing the impact Mickey has had on generations of fans and how the character stands as a symbol of hope in dark times.

Jeff Malmberg directs Mickey: The Story of a Mouse, with Morgan Neville, Meghan Walsh and Chris Shellen producing. Caitrin Rogers executive produces, with Eric Goldberg, Mark Henn, Randy Haycock, Floyd Norman, Carmenita Higginbotham, Rebecca Cline and Kevin Kern participating in the feature presentation.

Here is the official description of Mickey: The Story of a Mouse:

One of the world’s most beloved icons, Mickey Mouse is recognized as a symbol of joy and childhood innocence in virtually every corner of the globe. Conceived at a low point in Walt Disney’s budding career, Mickey became an overnight sensation when he starred in the first animated short with synchronized sound, Steamboat Willie. Over the decades that followed, the character evolved into strikingly different versions of himself, reflecting both his creator’s remarkable career and dramatic societal changes in the nation he came to represent. In the fascinating documentary, Mickey: The Story of a Mousedirector Jeff Malmberg and Oscar-winning producer Morgan Neville (who previously collaborated on Don’t you want to be my neighbor?) examine the cultural significance of the nearly 100-year-old cartoon mouse.

Besides Mickey: The Story of a Mouse trailer, Disney and Falco ink. shared key art for the upcoming documentary. The colorful image has Mickey Mouse divided into two halves. The left side represents his iconic intro from countless Disney shorts, while the right features different stages of the character’s development.

Mickey Mouse is as iconic as they come, and Disney hopes to remind fans of the character’s impact with this heartfelt look back at Mickey’s career. Mouseketeers will actually cry when the documentary hits Disney+ later this month and be reminded of the magic Mickey is able to cast upon the weary world.

Mickey: The Story of Mouse premieres exclusively on Disney+ he 18 November.

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