Michelle Williams wants a Greatest Showman sequel

Michelle Williams, who played Charity Hallett-Barnum, the wife of Hugh Jackman’s PT Barnum in the 2017 musical The greatest showmanhoping for a sequel, referring to the musical numbers that have been popular with all ages.

In a new interview with Vanity FairMichelle Williams said, “Those songs come on the radio and I sing them. I hear it at the grocery store and I want to dance to it.” Of course, Williams references tracks like “The Greatest Show” and the Golden Globe-winning, Oscar-nominated “This Is Me.” Beyond this, Williams called for a successor, saying: The greatest showman sequel, part two, come on!…That movie makes you feel good. People love it. Kids love it. Adults love it. I love it. More, please.”

You heard her! More songs! More dancing! More hyping a man who had no problem owning slaves, abusing animals and exploiting the disabled!

Michelle Williams certainly isn’t the only one who wants one The greatest showman successor. The soundtrack album was a chart topper, even going 12x platinum combined in the US and UK reviews of the film itself were far from stellarit still pulled in $435 million worldwide.

Interestingly, Michelle Williams has only appeared in one sequel in her career, which stretches back to the mid-1990s. That sequel was the 1998s Halloween H20where she played Molly, the girlfriend of Josh Hartnett’s character, who was himself the son of Laurie Strode.

In addition to The greatest showman and a potential successor, Michelle Williams also hit on her debut in the 1994s Lassieher breakout as Jen Lindley on Dawson’s Creek and her work in dramas such as the 2006s Brokeback MountainThe 2010s Blue Valentine and the 2016s Manchester by the sea, all of which earned her Oscar nominations. Williams also discussed his latest film, Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelman familywhich could very well earn her a fifth Oscar nod.

What do you think of the idea of ​​a sequel? The greatest showman? Is there more to explore in PT Barnum’s world? Let us know your thoughts below!

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