Michael Bay charged with killing a pigeon in Italy during the production of 6 Underground

Here’s a story you probably didn’t see coming – The packaging has reported that Michael Bay is facing charges in Italy in connection with the killing of a pigeon on the set of 6 Under the ground five years ago.

It has been said that a homing pigeon was killed during the production of 6 Under the ground in Rome, which Michael Bay directed for Netflix. An unnamed person allegedly witnessed the event and took a photo for the Italian authorities, but Michael Bay has denied the allegations. “I am a well-known animal lover and big animal activist,Michael Bay said in a statement to The Wrap. “No animals involved in the production were hurt or harmed. Or on any other production I’ve worked on in the last 30 years.‚ÄúPigeons are a protected species in the country and it is against the law to harm, kill or capture any wild bird and that includes pigeons.

Michael Bay has made three separate attempts to throw the case out of court over the past year, but has been unsuccessful. He was offered an out-of-court settlement with a small fine, but Bay did not take the deal, insisting that he hadclear video evidence, a host of witnesses and security officers exonerating us from these allegations. And disproves their one paparazzi photo – making for a false story.“While he could easily afford to pay the small fine just to sweep the whole business under the rug, Bay said he wouldn’t”because I would not plead guilty to harming an animal.

6 Under the ground was released on Netflix in 2019 and starred Ryan Reynolds as the leader of a group of people who fake their deaths and form a vigilante team to stage a coup against a ruthless dictator. The film was one of Netflix’s most expensive productions at the time, and although a sequel was initially planned, Netflix’s Scott Stuber later cancelled project and says:We didn’t feel like we made it creatively. It was a good hit, but at the end of the day we didn’t feel like we hit the mark to justify coming back again. There just wasn’t that deep love for those characters or that world.

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