Matt Reeves is now writing ‘The Batman 2’ script

All in The DC Universe is a bit up in the air right now. Fortunately, that does not include the follow-up to Matt Reeves‘ much praised Batman. Despite the massive restructuring that takes place after the merger between Warner Bros. and Discoveryit looks like this franchise is safe.

You couldn’t be blamed for being a bit worried after big projects like that Wonder Woman 3 was put on the shelf. Ever since James Gunn took the helm in DC, there have been shakeups left and right. Henry Cavill does not return as Supermanand Black Adam is no longer the central figure around which the DC Universe will be built. They are working on a new 10-year plan.

Batman was an instant hit, grossing around $770 million worldwide. It also laid the foundation for a new one Batman franchise that once again takes place in an earthbound and gritty universe. Fortunately, it felt fresh enough to bring people to the theaters in droves. But what about a sequel?

Reeves and others have worked on a few different spin-offs, none of which materialized at first. First up is a Penguin spinoff TV series starring Colin Farrell. The other is a spinoff, which was originally about the Gotham City Police Department, though it may have recently morphed into a show about Arkham Asylum. But none of these are really sequels involving Batman himself.

Although he was rather tight-lipped about plot details or a release timeline, Matt Reeves recently spoke with a writer at Collider. When asked if he shot any films this year, he replied, almost hesitant to reveal much…

I’m not going to answer that question, but we’re working on a movie. I’ll put it to you this way. We’re deep into it, and my partner and I write, Mattson [Tomlin] and I’m writing and it’s really exciting and I’m really excited about what we’re doing.

He also shared his admiration for his lead actor, Robert Pattinsonand said: that he was “really excited to do it with Rob because I just think he’s such a special person and actor.”

The next DC movie, Shazam! Wrath of the Godspremieres in theaters on March 17.

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