Marvel’s ‘Fantastic Four’ finds a director

When Marvel first announced his plan to make his own version of Fantastic four after three not particularly successful versions at Fox, they hired Jon Watts as the project’s director. Watts came from three Spider Man movie and seemed like a perfect fit for Marvel’s first family. But then Watts decided to leave the project back at the end of April to work on things outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When Marvel officially announced the film’s release date back in July, no director was mentioned.

According to it, a final agreement has not yet been concluded Deadlinebut the guy Marvel reportedly wants for the job is Matt Shakman, a TV veteran who previously worked at Marvel directing episodes of Disney+ series WandaVision. Most recently, Shakman has worked on the latest big screen Star Trek film that has cycled through numerous concepts and directors with little success.

By deadline:

Rumors have been rife in recent weeks that he was in the mix for the job, and insiders now tell Deadline that while a formal offer hasn’t been presented, early discussions have begun and things are moving in the right direction. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is producing.

The domestic drama of WandaVisionalong with its elaborate special effects, make Shakman a solid choice Fantastic four, which is not only a sci-fi adventure film, but also a story of a close-knit family, with Reed Richards married to Sue Storm, whose brother is Johnny Storm. (Ben Grimm is their really good buddy.)

Fantastic four is currently scheduled to open in theaters on November 8, 2024. It is the first film (at least it has been announced so far) in phase six of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which also includes the next two Avengers sequels, Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars.

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