The Madonna biopic has been scrapped ahead of the singer’s world tour

The Madonna biopic to be directed by Madonna herself has been scrapped after the singer announced a world tour.

After Madonna announced a brand new world tour last week, fans began to speculate about the fate of her upcoming biopic. It seems they were right to worry Variety has reported that the Madonna biopic has been scrapped at Universal Pictures.

THR added that the Madonna biopic was actually scrapped late last year, before the iconic musician announced her world tour. The outlet added that development has been a struggle, and none of the drafts for the film make it under 180 pages. There were reportedly talks about turning it into two movies or maybe even turning it into a miniseries, which would certainly have made it easier to include more of Madonna’s storied career. Although the project has been shelved at this point, Madonna may revisit it once her tour is complete.

Indeed, the Madonna biopic was supposed to be instructed by Madonna herself. It’s not every day that the subject gets to direct their own story, so that would have been interesting. Madonna also co-wrote the screenplay. She first tackled the script with Diablo Cody, who later left the project, and again with Erin Cressida Wilson (The girl on the train). There have been previous attempts to tell the story of Madonna’s rise to fame, but she has never been satisfied with the scripts she has been sent. “I read that Universal was doing a script,“Madonna told Jimmy Fallon in 2021.”Like they sent me the script because they wanted my blessing and I read it. It was the most vile, shallow rubbish I have ever read.“The artist added it”the reason i do it is because a bunch of people have tried to write movies about me, but they’re always men.

Julia Garner, best known for her award-winning performance in Netflix’s Ozarkis said to be front runner to play Madonna in the biopic. Julia Garner was one of several stars who attended one months long audition process to play Madonna. Along with Florence Pugh, Odessa Young and Alexa Demis, Garner took choreography lessons with Madonna’s choreographer as well as singing and reading sessions with Madonna herself.

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