Luck Movie Review and Movie Summary (2022)

The young woman at the center of the film is the dullest of all. Her name is Sam, and she is pronounced with steadfast cheerfulness by Eva Noblezada. Sam has bounced between different foster homes and orphanages all his life, hoping to find his forever family; now, at 18, she has aged out of the system and must live alone in a small apartment in her generically cozy town. Not that the script from Keel Murray, Jonathan Aibeland Glen Berger is even the slightest bit interested in this young woman’s inner life, but how does Sam feel about this prospect? How does she feel about never having been adopted? It’s hard to care about how the story will shape her if we have no idea who she is to begin with.

However, life on her own is an even more daunting task for Sam than it would be for the average person because she is plagued by perpetual bad luck. This is her signature trait. We know this because her smart young friend at the orphanage, Hazel (Adelynn Spoon), announces, “You must be unlucky, Sam Greenfield,” as Sam turns their makeshift music video shoot (for Madonna’s “Lucky Star,” of course) into a fiasco. She’s clumsy, she drops things, she gets trapped in the bathroom, she can’t get the toaster to work. A job at the neighborhood craft store (where Lil Rel Howery giving his boss’s voice) provide further opportunities for mayhem, but now they involve glitter, ribbons and cacti. It’s all depressingly predictable.

But regardless of the challenge or setback, Sam is sunny and optimistic. This is also depressingly predictable. Watching her stumble and bumble merrily through life makes you wish she would let loose with real emotion from time to time. The film’s young viewers could certainly relate to such instability.

However, things begin to look up when a snarky black cat with a shiny coin accidentally leads her through a portal to the Land of Happiness. Similar to the factory in “Monsters, Inc.” – the rare glimpse of Lasseter’s influence here – this is the secret place where leprechauns manufacture good luck for random delivery around the world: everything from finding a good parking spot to falling in love. Characters stand around explaining the mechanics of this place to each other in scene after scene; you still need a flowchart to understand it all.

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