The London After Midnight book digs into the history of the lost silent horror film

Historian Daniel Titley has written the book London After Midnight: The Lost Film, about the 1927 silent horror film starring Lon Chaney

The silent horror film London after midnight did very well when it was released in 1927, earning over a million dollars at the box office on a budget of $151,666.14. But that didn’t help the film when it was time for it to be preserved. All known existing prints of London after midnight was destroyed, with the last copy going up in flames in the 1965 MGM vault fire. For nearly fifty years, genre fans have wondered what it would be like to watch London after midnight. And now film historian Daniel Titley has written an entire book dedicated to the film. With the title London After Midnight: The Lost Film, this book was published on December 28 and has quickly become a bestseller. You can pick up a copy at THIS LINK.

London After Midnight: The Lost Film has the following description: For decades, the mystique behind Lon Chaney’s 1927 mystery thriller, London after midnight, has thought about horror fans, silent film enthusiasts and film collectors alike. Before Dracula (1931), before Mark of the Vampire (1935), London after midnight was America’s first cinematic dive into the concept of vampirism by incorporating elements from author Bram Stoker’s original novel (Dracula) while being careful to avoid the outright supernatural, as was the style of American “horror” films of the 1920s.

From its production, to its mysterious disappearance in the 1960s, and now its infatuation has bled through into the 21st century, the hypnotic allure of London after midnight has elevated it to become the most sought after lost film in silent cinema history. With countless intensive searches of archives and collections around the globe, no such print has yet turned up. In its wake, a number of publications and articles have sought to shed light on the mysterious film title, each contributing a unique leading perspective to the many questions and uncertainties surrounding it; a lost masterpiece? or a contemporary flop?

Now historian Daniel Titley brings us the very latest written and compiled compendium London After Midnight: The Lost Film. This weighty milestone book contains within its gothic exterior a treasure trove of newfound finds ranging from the fascinating to the impossible, and notably presents newfound nitrate residue from the ill-fated film itself that has been laid. dormant for years and finally brought into the light and scholarly perspective for the very first time, all richly illustrated and presented in this colossal new coffee table volume of over 420 pages, dripping with a wide gallery of never-before-seen materials from stills, to rare lost newly translated texts, for the early production documents, posters and press books to name a few. Sir. Titley has carefully crafted in-depth expository treatises for each chapter that explore the film’s long-standing legacy: from production, distribution and original critical reception to even delving further into the fuller unknown details surrounding the strange case of Robert Williams, who is said to have committed a murder after seeing the film on its release in England. The study also finally laments the often blurred details of when and exactly how London after midnight was suddenly lost to future generations. ultimately, London After Midnight: The Lost Film is a book sure to rejuvenate the faith of hopefuls and confound naysayers, thus keeping the vault door slightly ajar for any new potential discovery.

London after midnight was directed by Todd Browningbased on his story The Hypnotist. The film starred Lon Chaney (in two roles), Marceline Day, Conrad Nagel, Henry B. Walthall, Polly Moran, Edna Tichenor and Claude King. Eight years after the silent film’s release, Browning made it as a talkie called Mark of the Vampirewith Lionel Barrymore and Bela Lugosi in the roles Chaney had played.

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