Limitless: Chris Hemsworth Claims Marvel Shelved His Disney+ Series Until After Thor: Love and Thunder Because of the Show’s Danger

Marvel Studios protects its brand. The film studio is notoriously strict about what actors are allowed to say in terms of details in their films. They are also very protective of their actors so they are in working order for any pick-up shots or other cameos to film due to all the movies being in a shared universe. In 2009, Mickey Rourke would appear at WrestleMania 25 as a tribute to his role in The breaker. Rourke was originally scheduled to compete in a match, but be involved in Iron Man 2 at that time he was not allowed to fight fully for fear of injury.

Recently, Chris Hemsworth revealed something similar for his latest Disney+ show, Boundless. IndieWire reports that Marvel had to put the series on hold until he finished filming Thor: Love and Thunder so he wouldn’t die before the movie was done.

Hemsworth was on Jimmy Kimmel when he explained, “I started working out, I blew out my ankle, and Marvel stepped in and said, ‘No. The show that can kill him, you can do that after our movie.’ The stunt involved climbing a rope 100 feet up a dangling cable car to get to the top. “It was a combination of, like, the intensity of the height, but also just trying to move up the rope. It’s about time that I got to actually shoot, I was at the end of ‘Thor,’ and I was the size of Thor, and my coach looked at me and said, ‘You’re screwed.’ This is going to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done.’ [The challenge] wasn’t even about strength, it became the willingness to fight with fists to try to make the case.”

The show Boundlessa six-part series, comes from a notorious drama director Darren Aronofskywho created the show to examine extreme athletes who push their bodies to the ultimate test of human limits.

Boundless premieres on Disney+ on 16 November.

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