Kyle MacLachlan doesn’t “get” much of David Lynch’s work

Kyle MacLachlan is one of the great actors in David Lynch’s company, appearing in some of his most famous – and infamous – works in both film and television.

But that doesn’t mean Kyle MacLachlan is a David Lynch scholar. Even the star of Dune, Blue velvet and Twin Peaks is a bit confused by Lynch’s confusing works. In a recent interview with AV ClubMacLachlan said, “I don’t pretend to understand a lot of what David does, but I recognize that I’m his conduit through these worlds, and it’s a challenge — and I feel pretty good about it, too. There’s a confidence, that I understand what is necessary for me to do with David.”

He continued, “There are still big chunks of data that I don’t understand, and I honestly don’t need to. His films are really experiential, and they ask a lot of questions, but there aren’t a lot of answers.” So no, Kyle MacLachlan doesn’t know why “The Locomotion” is so crucial to Inland Kingdom or why Frank Booth prefers Pabst Blue Ribbon to Heineken. Then again, we’re sure David Lynch has no idea what The Flintstones is about!

Kyle MacLachlan won a Golden Globe for playing Agent Dale Cooper on ABC’s Twin Peaks and earned two Primetime Emmy nominations. The 2018 revival earned him another Golden Globe nod. MacLachlan perhaps best summed up his collaboration with David Lynch with: “You’re along for the ride, and you’re just intuitively on the journey with him.”

Kyle MacLachlan currently stars Admit it, Fletch opposite Jon Hamm. He will next play Chief Justice Earl Warren in Miranda’s victimabout the real-life case that inspired the Miranda rights.

What do you think of Kyle MacLachlan’s comments? What is your favorite David Lynch movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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