Kill Her Goats trailer: Kane Hodder is a slasher called Goatface

Stuntman/actor Kane Hodder has played Jason Voorhees for four Friday the 13th movie (plus the latest video game), Victor Crowley in four Axe movie, and Leatherface in Leather surface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (plus upcoming video game), among many other credits. And now he’s playing a slasher called Goatface in the upcoming horror film Kill her goats. You can watch another trailer Kill her goats in the embedding above.

According to Fangoria, the film is described as a “low-burn home invasion thriller with a slasher twist”. The story takes place in the fictional town of West Craven and follows Audra as she gets her dream house as a gift for graduation. But this isn’t a dream-come-true tale, no… it’s a nightmare story, and it becomes just that when some uninvited guests show up at the party. And they are not very subtle about their disapproval of the home’s new owner.

Hodder is joined in the Kill Her Goats cast by Arielle Raycene (Ulterior Motives: Reality TV Massacre), Ellie Gonsalves (Fighting with my family), Dani Mathers (The bold and the beautiful), Monica Sims (Sandy Wexler), and Amberleigh West (The Last Movie Star). Mathers, Sims and West are all playmates. Judging by the trailer, most of the cast plays girls who don’t like wearing pants.

Written and directed by Steve Wolsh (Dung), Kill her goats was filmed in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Wolsh says the film was inspired by the horror films of the 70s and 80s, and that all the special effects are practical. Copies of a limited edition 4K UHD and Blu-ray release of the film can be pre-ordered at official sitewith an estimated shipping date on March 1St.

What do you think about Kill her goats trailer? Are you excited to see Goatface in action and want to order a copy of this film? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below. Kill her goats looks like a good time to me. I will definitely be watching this movie at some point.

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