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Kevin Smith has finally managed to get it Clerks III out into the world, years after he first announced that he wanted to make the film. So now it’s about time for him to move on to the next project. Looking ahead to the future, we have put together a list of Kevin Smith movies we want to see – and you can see the result below! Check it out, then let us know which Kevin Smith movies you’d most like to see by leaving a comment.


Smith’s 1995 film Mallrats wasn’t a box office hit, but that hasn’t stopped talk of a sequel popping up here and there over the years — whether it’s a “Die Hard in a Mall” scenario, a limited series, or something else entirely. The problem is that Mallrats is a Universal property, so Smith can’t do anything about it unless the studio is on board. And for a studio pumping out a ton of direct-to-video sequels (American Pie, Tremors, etc.), they have been surprisingly hesitant to return to the mall. We hope that there will soon be a breakthrough with Universal and Mallrats 2 will roll. A theatrical release, direct-to-video, Peacock, we’d take it any way we can get it.


Smith has often used the end credits of a film to announce the title of one of his future films. All have come to reality in one way or another. With the exception of Hit someone, the hockey epic (inspired by the Warren Zevon / Mitch Albom song) that he announced at the end of​​​​Red State. Smith tried to get Hit Somebody made, either as one film, a two-parter, or a limited series, but couldn’t get it set up anywhere. Over a decade has passed and all we have seen or heard about Hit someone is an SModcast reading of some of the script. There was talk of a comic adaptation, but that hasn’t happened yet either.


We first heard mention Ranger Danger and Danger Rangers – an adventure “in the style of Flash Gordon” – about twenty years ago. At one point, Smith even met Jack Black to offer him a role in the project. But so far, all we’ve seen of Ranger Danger is the artwork of the character who appeared in Clerks II, Clerks III, and the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Ranger Danger is Clerks character Randal Graves’ favorite hero, and it’s about time this movie was made so we can find out why Randal thinks he’s so cool. Smith has also talked about switching mediums and setting Ranger Danger into the world as an animated series. However it happens, we’re curious to meet Ranger Danger.


Tusk began what Smith called his True North Trilogy. A series of films that would all have horror elements and take place in Canada. The trilogy continued rather quickly Yoga Hosers… but we’re still waiting for the trilogy, which sounded really great years later. Moose jaws. A movie about a killer moose that terrorizes a summer camp. At one point, Smith planned to put Jay and Silent Bob in the film and even revealed that he intended to have Silent Bob killed in the jaws of the moose. A major spoiler that he didn’t mind sharing. That plan has changed, Jay and Silent Bob have been written out of the script, but Moose jaws still not in production.


A few years ago, Smith was hired to write the script for an animated feature about the DC Comics character Plastic Man, a hero who can stretch his body into any shape. This seemed like a perfect match between writer and material, as Plastic Man’s adventures were “known for their quirky, offbeat structure and surreal slapstick humor.” (Thanks to Wikipedia.) The project got far enough that The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons was cast to voice the main character… and then it was scrapped. A confusing choice. Why would you scrap an animated cartoon adaptation written by Kevin Smith, with Jim Parsons signed on to voice the lead role? This was a guaranteed moneymaker, but apparently DC and Warner Bros. Animation didn’t want the money.


When Smith made Red statehe said that one of the film’s biggest inspirations was the 1970s horror classic Race with the Devil about a group of people in an RV who are hunted down by a satanic cult after witnessing a human sacrifice. Recently, Smith said he was interested in doing something else that would be along the lines of Race with the Devil – and while Red state dealing with a dangerous Christian cult, this new project would be even closer Race with the Devil because this one would be about a satanic cult. As he said, “there’s always been some satanic cult movie brewing in me.” And we want to see it because the world needs more movies like it Race with the Devil.


What a missed opportunity. For years, Smith was attached to write and direct an adaptation of the Gregory McDonald novel Fletch won. It never happened for various reasons, but the big problem was that the head of Miramax at the time (you know the one) wouldn’t let Smith cast Jason Lee as Fletch. Even though Lee would have been perfect and hilarious in the role. Maybe there’s still a chance that modern Miramax could dust off the Fletch Won script and ask Smith to direct it, but we’ll never see what it might have been like if Lee had played Fletch. The actor is now too old to play the young Fletch in this story (which chronologically is the first Fletch story). That’s the way it is Admit it, Fletch star Jon Hamm.


The live action Clerks film series end as a trilogy, but there are still more Clerks stories to be told. In 2000, an animated Clerks the series aired for two episodes on ABC before being canceled. Only six episodes were made. But for more than twenty years, fans have been hoping to see more. Smith has talked about making one Clerks animated film or revive the series in a new home. Why not both? An animated one Clerks film leading to a revival of the series. We need so much more of it Clerks cartoon that we can get. Take us back to the world of animated Dante and Randal, of a Jay and Silent Bob who sell fireworks instead of drugs, and a wealthy supervillain named Leonardo Leonardo.


This is a different kind of entry on this list because Smith already made the horror anthology KillRoy Was Here, which consists of several segments featuring “a creature that kills evil adults at the behest of child victims.” The movie has even been released. Unfortunately, it is only available as an NFT. So this is for those of us who have zero cryptocurrencies, no interest in getting into NFTs, have to use Wikipedia to try to understand for ourselves what NFTs are, and still can’t afford it price that NFT goes for. We want to see KillRoy was here receive a more traditional and accessible release: physical media, streaming, etc. Let KillRoy was here out of its Web3 tower and into the home of the common movie fan.


While we continue to wait for Moose jawsSmith recently brought us some unexpected news: another entry in the True North series is coming, and it will be a direct sequel to Tusk! This one is called Tusk$ (inspired by James Cameron’s pitch for Foreignerswhere he wrote down the title and then turned the S into a dollar sign) and will see Justin Long’s character surgically turned into a man-walrus hybrid by a madman in the first Tusk, being restored to his human condition. Then he becomes a madman himself and captures people to turn them into other human-animal hybrids. It sounds like an absolutely insane way to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Tuskso we can’t wait to see Tusk$ start in 2024.

HONORABLE MENTION: Smith has said that his next feature will be 4:30 the movieabout teenagers hanging out in a movie theater in 1986. He expects to start filming sometime in 2023. And yes, of course we want to see it too.

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