Kelly Marie Tran is set to star as activist Amanda Nguyen in a powerful new film based on true events

Kelly Marie Tran, Significant Productions and Madica Productions are not going to take the latest attacks on sexual assault survivors lying down. Instead, they aim to make a powerful film starring Tran as real-life activist Amanda Nguyen, founder and CEO of the civil rights organization Get up. In addition to her starring role, Tran is producing the project, which chronicles Nguyen’s journey in writing and passing the Survivors’ Bill of Rights while encouraging a global community of survivors and allies.

Nina Yang Bongiovi, Jeff Tahler and Amanda Nguyen are producing alongside Tran and are looking for Cannes Short Film Palme d’Or winner Tang Yi to write and direct.

According to today’s press release on the unnamed project, this effort follows the adoption of a first-of-its-kind UN resolution focusing exclusively on access to justice for survivors of sexual violence, which was introduced by Sierra Leone and championed by Rise. The resolution adopted by the United Nations earlier this month creates a global mechanism and collective commitment to ensure remedies and rights for the 1.3 billion survivors of sexual violence around the globe.

Tran has followed Nguyen’s actions since the passage of the federal Survivors’ Bill of Rights in 2016. Both women share Vietnamese heritage, creating another connection beyond their passion for justice and equality.

“Over the years, Amanda’s activism has changed the lives of billions as she continues to make our world safer for sexual assault survivors everywhere.” Tran said. “Her courage inspires me every day and I am honored to help tell her story.”

“I am deeply grateful to Kelly Marie Tran, Madica Productions and Significant Productions for telling not only my story, but the story of billions of survivors around the world who are fighting to have our voices heard and our rights recognized.” Nguyen said.

“Stories are how we tell ourselves that dreams are possible. Societal stigma silences rape survivors. My story is not mine alone. I hear from countless survivors the strength they gain from hearing other survivors share their stories. My hope is , that this will make them feel less alone. I am grateful to Kelly for her friendship, for her understanding of our shared Vietnamese American heritage, and for her belief that this is a story worth telling. “

Famous for playing Rose Tico in Star wars universe and express Maya in Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon, Kelly Marie Tran is a fierce actress who knows the sting of abuse all too well. When Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi was released, Tran was relentlessly mobbed by restless fans of the franchise. After rising above the hate, Tran continued to strengthen her career with significant live-action and voice acting roles in film and television. The role of Nguyen feels perfect for her and I am eager to learn more.

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