Joker vs Taxi Driver – Face Off

Our first explosive FACE-OFF episode of 2023 takes a look at two grim depictions of societal breakdown, political issues and misplaced heroism through the perspective of severely damaged anti-heroes. Both Taxi driver and Joker stand as memorable psychological thrillers and true showcases for their leads.

IN Taxi driver, Travis Bickle is a self-proclaimed “lonely man of God” who is just “waiting for the sun to shine” and he wants to clean the streets of scum, dogs and filth. As a Marine vet with PTSD, out of the jungles of Vietnam and back into the asphalt jungle of New York, there are few he can turn to. He has also built himself into self-delusion, believing that he has to “save” people, mainly two women: the campaign worker Betsy and the prostitute Iris.

Joker‘s Arthur Fleck, on the other hand, is a failed comic who suffers from mental illness (think Carrot Top without the props!), including schizophrenia. Bound to a mother with severe instability of her own, Arthur feels let down by both family and later society. Make them laugh, he won’t!

Taxi driver was a definite influence on Joker, but who made it all better? Who wins when it comes to a taxi driver and a clown? It might sound like Twisted Metal, but we’re talking about two of the most influential films to ever grace the silver screen – Taxi driver vs Joker. Whether it’s behind the wheel of a taxi or a clown car, let’s gas up as we prepare to: FACE OFF!

This episode of FACE-OFF was written by Matthew Plale, edited by Ric Solomon, narrated by Shawn Knippelberg, produced by Adam Walton and Chris Bumbray and executive produced by Berge Garabedian. If you liked this video, why not subscribe to our channel and tell your friends who might also like this kind of content. A very happy New Year from all of us here at JoBlo!

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