Joker 2: Bigger budget for sequel boosts payday for Phoenix

As Warner Bros. struggles to put out several fires that have engulfed their DC film division, there are still a few titles for their franchise that they can still count on to excite fans and continue to bring in the numbers. One such anticipated film is the sequel to the 2019 film, Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix. Joker became a huge hit with audiences as it grossed $1.07 billion worldwide and earned Phoenix an Oscar for Best Actor.

Therefore Varietythe budget for the second film to be called, “Joker: Folie à Deux,” will be much louder due to the planned musical sequences that will be included. Todd Phillips, the director of the first film, announced his finished script on Social Media and talks had been underway to cast singer and actress Lady Gaga in the role of Harley Quinn. She would play a new interpretation of the character once possessed by Margot Robbie in the shared universe DC films.

Variety also reports that along with a higher budget comes a bigger payday for the Oscar-winning star. Both Phoenix and Phillips are believed to receive $20 million for this follow-up. This increase would amount to $15.5 million more than what Phoenix earned on the first film, while Phillips received a percentage. Lady Gaga, the new cast member, is said to be getting $10 million for her role. An insider also reports that they are aiming for more of one type A star is born – which Gaga herself had starred in and earned an Academy Award nomination for.

The much-loved Warner Bros. movie studio with deep Hollywood roots has recently hit a few snags trying to keep up with an ever-changing movie landscape. Their streaming service, HBOMax, has been experimenting with a variety of distribution options for their theatrical releases. Their comic book universe tried and stumbled to keep up with Marvel Studios’ juggernaut. And now a major merger with Discovery has CEO David Zaslav taking the reins with a host of newer issues emerging. Zaslav is now overseeing their DC feature films now that Hamada has stepped away, and it was recently announced that they will follow Marvel’s formula of mapping out a plan ahead of time.

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