Joker 2: The Todd Phillips sequel’s release date is set

It looks like Joker the sequel is about two years away from hitting theaters. In a recent Comscore update (via Deadline), Todd Phillips’ ostensibly titled sequel Joker: Foil A Deuxwas scheduled with one 4 October 2024 publication date. This comes at quite a fraught moment for WB/DC, med Batgirl having notoriously got the axe, while The lightning seems to be in a permanent state of limbo thanks to the actions of a certain Ezra Miller. Joker 2 (or rather, Joker: Foil A Deux) will be another much-needed win for the studio, which might be wise to double down on their more auteur-driven superhero properties with Matt Reeves’ Batmananother huge winner for the studio.

We previously written about the sequel’s rather intriguing premise, which would set the film at Arkham Asylum, with Lady Gaga on board to play Harley Quinn. And oh yes, it will be a musical. As we explained in our last post about Joker 2“Foil A Deux” refers to “a psychiatric syndrome in which symptoms of a delusion, and sometimes hallucinations, are transferred from one individual to another.” If you know anything about Harley Quinn’s origin, where she was the Joker’s psychiatrist before she went insane, this lends itself perfectly to a new origin story for the character. That Joker movies that are hard-R are separate in the DC continuity from the DCEU movies or Batman.

So what do you think, dear reader, about what’s going on with WB/DC? It seems that the idea of ​​creating a large DC Extended Universe never really paid off for the studio as they wanted it to. While they have had hits with solo adventures too wonder Woman and Aquaman, they tend to run into trouble when they try to cross characters. Maybe more movies like that Joker or Batman is necessary? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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