John Carpenter doesn’t care how the new Halloween movies are received

As we begin to wrap up the spooky season, it’s almost certain that many of us will be watching the 1978s Halloween, written, directed and composed by the great John Carpenter. Now, the legendary filmmaker reflects on his iconic horror film and its follow-ups.

In a new interview with VultureJohn Carpenter was asked many questions about Halloween franchise. One that got one of Carpenter’s apparently now trademark curt replies was, Should you be protective of that kind of legacy? Do you take it personally when one comes out and people don’t like it? “I don’t care. I really don’t care.” Carpenter may not be the most quoted director, but he knows what he wants.

In a few words, John Carpenter actually makes a strong – if brief – point. Just because subsequent movies might not live up to it the quality of the original does not mean that it destroys the legacy of said original. For the latest example, the disappointing conclusion to David Gordon Green’s take won’t negate the refreshing potential of the first entry in that trilogy, 2018’s Halloween. Likewise John Carpenter’s reputation – and his 1978 Halloween– has not changed because later directors started tinkering with the stories and mythologies.

In the interview, John Carpenter also touched on his innovative use of the synthesizer, his younger days of going to the movies (and loving 3-D technology), and working with Kurt Russell.

John Carpenter still has a love for filmmaking and hopes it can continue. “I’m a poor old horror director trying to make a living…I get up in the morning, drink coffee and go to work. My fear in movies is not finishing one, not getting it released.” Hopefully one will come out Dead Space, an adaptation of the popular video game series. Carpenter also mentioned how Sonic the Hedgehog turned him on to gaming – and now we wish he’d directed those movies!

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