Jesse Eisenberg was pressured to make fewer comedy films

Jesse Eisenberg says he does so few comedies because the industry decided he was better as a dramatic actor.

Jesse Eisenberg doesn’t exactly scream comedybut he hopes that the industry might see him as more than just a dramatic actor one day.

In a recent sitdown with fellow actor Finn Wolfhard for Interviewsaid Jesse Eisenberg that he would have loved to be cast on SNL but have found that he has always been steered more towards dramas. “I wanted to join Saturday Night Live…I wrote a portfolio that I submitted. It’s fun because in some ways you follow your taste and in other ways the entertainment industry tells you what you’re good at.”

What Jesse Eisenberg is good at is drama, and his greatest praise comes from his portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg in The social network and Noah Baumbach’s The octopus and the whale.

Jesse Eisenberg added in the exchange, “I wanted to get into roles that were sincere dramas. And still do [all I wanted to do was] broad comedy.” Sure, Jesse Eisenberg has appeared in a few comedies, including one of the best of the late 2000s, Zombieland. At the same time, there was also the gloomy 30 minutes or less and Woody Allen’s To Rome with lovewho was cast as an Allen surrogate.

Still, Jesse Eisenberg may know that his comedic chops might not be what the producers are after. Reflecting on an early audition for the 2004s EuroTriphe said, “I remember auditioning and thinking, ‘I can’t do these jokes very well.’ I can’t do these scenes in a way that’s so funny.’ The guys at the screen test indicated that very thing to me – that I was too emotionally sour in my audition for these really broad comedic scenes.”

Although he never managed to create a character that could be spun off into his own movie or run the Weekend Update desk, Jesse Eisenberg did get to host Saturday Night Live in 2011. Although Mark Zuckerberg appeared since the real life (assuming he’s human) in the opening monologue suggested that Eisenberg’s dramatic works would always appear.

Jesse Eisenberg most recently starred in FX on Hulu’s Fleishman is in trouble along with Lizzy Caplan and Claire Danes. Him too made his feature film debut this year with When you’re done saving the worldwhich featured his co-interviewee Finn Wolfhard (you can read our 2022 Sundance review here).

What do you think? Would you like to see Jesse Eisenberg do more comedy work? Or is he better suited to dramas? Let us know in the comments below!

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