JD Dillard is no longer developing a Star Wars movie or Rocketeer sequel for Disney

It was reported way back February 2020 that JD Dillard was developing one Star wars movie for Lucasfilm, but while talking to The packaging recently, the director explained that the project, as well as a sequel to it The Rocketeerno longer going forward.

JD Dillard told The Wrap that his Star wars movie isunfortunately nothing anymore,“but it was not”in the absence of attempts.“He still hopes to direct a sci-fi film, but when he does,”it will be an original idea.” Dillard also explained that his introduction to the franchise arrived with TIE Fighter flight simulator video game (which also happens to be one of my favorites).

When my father was an aviator, we had a lot of flight simulators. I play it here [TIE Fighter] game for several months. And my father flies it with me. And I’m like, ‘Man, this game is just so cool.’ And he says, ‘Well, you know, this game comes from a series of movies.’ And I was like, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” It was here that I saw ‘Star Wars’ for the first time and realized the full extent of what it meant to build the world because I had played this pseudo-16-bit game.

While JD Dillard’s Star Wars movie may not happen, it was revealed earlier today that Shawn Levy was in talks to direct a Star Wars film after he finished work on it Deadpool 3 and last season of Stranger Things. Dillard was also linked to one successor to The Rocketeer. With the title The Return of the Rocketeer, the sequel reportedly centered on a retired Tuskegee Airman who takes on the Rocketeer mantle. “I’m not in that movieDillard said. “But you know it’s hard. I love, love, love ‘The Rocketeer’. What I’m having a little trouble wrapping my head around now goes back to aviation before 1970. You know, I don’t say never. But I think I need a breather from period aviation.

JD Dillard’s latest film, Devotion, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this year. The film stars Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell as two elite fighter pilots from the US Navy during the Korean War. Be sure to check a review from our own Chris Bumbray before Devotion coming to the cinema 23 November.

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