James Gunn’s DCU plans are two months away from being revealed

James Gunn and Peter Safran will present their DCU plans to Warner Bros. Discovery in two months. That means WBD rolls into 2023 with a bold new path carved by two creatives who have already proven their worth time and time again. Could this be the end of the studio’s seemingly directionless fluttering and dodging of Snyderverse fans? I hope so, because I want nothing more than for DC to get a shot in the arm from Gunn and Safran’s big plan.

While fans may have to wait for the duo to share their 10-year timeline with the general public, Gunn regularly teases character additions. Gunn’s tweets are not confirmation that projects are underway. Still, it’s worth noting that he has shared images of DC’s Lobo and Mr. Fantastic. Is Gunn not-so-secretly revealing characters he hopes to bring to the DCU, or is he teasing us with teases for projects outlined in his upcoming presentation?

The news about Gunn and Safran’s DCU plans comes from The packaging. The outlet reported that the duo will share their ideas with DC in two months, and Gunn confirmed the update on Twitter. Unfortunately, the plan is that Warner Bros. Discovery managers only. While there is a chance the program could leak, I’m sure WBD will keep that outline under wraps until a proper rollout can kick things into high gear.

What characters or teams do you hope will be a part of Gunn and Safran’s DCU plans? I desperately want one well Green Lantern project or something super dark and unique, like an adaptation of Gail Simone’s The movement. DC has a chance to turn its cinematic universe around under new leadership, and I think a mix of top-tier heroes and underdogs would be a good way to start. Feel free to let us know what you’re hoping for when DC reveals its plans in the comments below.

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