It’s hard to politicize a robot: Ryan White on Goodnight Oppy | Interviews

It’s not just machines. My favorite movie growing up was “ET” and it was so incredible to get to do a documentary with Amblin. And ONE in the basket is on our poster, which I keep cringing at. But I think it’s a tale of the times when humans connect with non-humans. Our film also has a scientific message about climate change.

I think it’s something when you remove the people. Politicizing a robot is difficult. So no one is arguing with the fact that these robots discovered that there has been some kind of crazy climate change on our sister planet, because they are robots, they have a few tools that take measurements that prove it.

I think it is something similar in the feelings we have. I remember a tweet that went viral in 2019, and that was when Opportunity sent its last communication to Earth. “The battery is low and it’s getting dark.” They had millions of hits on Twitter. And then there was something about this little robot in trouble on another planet that touched people’s hearts. It’s very Wall-E like. That idea of ​​her traveling alone and if she’s going to be okay.

I hope people connect with these robots in the film because of the humans behind the robots. The robots are the humans. They created those robots. They run those robots every day. It’s just these people who can’t safely go to Mars, so they send these robots as their avatars. So in reality it’s two robots standing in front of thousands of people who poured their hearts into them.

Did the robots really respond to such conversations? Because of course that also helps to personalize it.

We used to have a whole scene describing how these conversations happened, and I was devastated when we finally got to cut the part that showed it going through binary code and traveling through this wormhole up to space. The orbiters that I was talking about, they used to be characters in our movies because they are often personified as the big sister in the sky who looks down on the robots and the messages go through them. And we just realized that you have to be a little reasonable in a function. People don’t need to know every technical detail of how these messages arrive. And then we do it in a kind of instant messenger way, but it’s all through binary code, and then it’s translated by NASA. So, “my battery is low and it’s getting dark” they get that message in binary, then they translate it for us civilians.

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