Iron Eagle (1986) Revisited: Check out this 80s classic

The 1986s Iron eagle is often considered a Top Gun clone, but it actually hit theaters months before Tom Cruise movies became a pop culture phenomenon. The story of teenage wanna-be fighter pilot Doug Masters (Jason Gedrick) who takes an F-16 to rescue his father (cult star Tim Thomerson), a pilot who has been shot down, Iron Eagle was only a modest hit . It grossed around $24 million at the box office, but was a significant hit on home video and cable.

It actually spawned a low-key franchise centered around Louis Gossett Jr’s Chappy Sinclair, a veteran pilot who trains Masters for his mission and helps save the day. Neither sequel was particularly good, despite the best efforts of Gossett and director Sidney J. Furie (who would helm all of the films). That successor, Iron Eagle IIwhich was made in Canada, killed Doug Masters in the first scene, only for him to return the fourth film, but played by a different actor. By the time the franchise ended, it was considered cheap basement, direct-to-video fare. Still, the original was a fairly big-budget studio film that holds up well – and it has a great soundtrack.

Iron eagle Revisited is written, narrated and edited by EJ Tangonan and Adam Walton is producing. Do you have fond memories of Iron Eagle? Tell us in the comments!

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