Interview: Mark Boal, Luke Evans, Michiel Huisman and Jessica Ann Collins Talk Echo 3

Mark Boal has been an imposing force for a few years now. His producing and writing credits for Zero Dark Thirtyy and The Hurt Locker both brought him early recognition. And now he’s bringing his talents to the small screen with a new series called Echo 3. The Apple TV Plus series has an impressive cast that includes Michiel Huisman, Luke Evans and Jessica Ann Collins. If you are at all aware of Mr. Boal’s work, you might want to be prepared for an exciting opening of this 10 episodes. It’s a smart and engaging thriller, and from what I had the chance to witness, things could get very interesting.

We recently had the great pleasure of sitting down with Mark, Luke, Michiel and Jessica. First up, Mr. Boal discussed taking his vision to the small screen. As the creator of the series, he had a lot of insight into how to tell this particular story. And then there was the trio of actors who brought it all to life. Honestly, I’m a fan of this trio and it was a pleasure talking to them about working on this project. The series is currently available on Apple TV Plus, and with the holidays coming up, you might have some time to check it out. Echo 3 is available now for you to join the intrigue (check out our review).

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